Flexitarian Diet: Lose Weight With Vegetarian Diet Without Being Harsh on Meat

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Who does not wants a slim body with a flat tummy, as 2018 is near to an end and we all are recalling our resolutions that we made far ago in this New Year Resolution of losing weight and getting fit? No matter the reason on why you want to lose the weight, following are some of the reasons on why you need to know about the flexitarian diet that will help you in your weight loss journey.


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Flexitarian Diet: Lose Weight With Vegetarian Diet Without Being Harsh on Meat




What is the Flexitarian Diet?


Flexitarian diet is different from the regular diet such as Keto, Low-Carb or Intermittent Fasting. Usually, the flexitarian diet only focuses on a progressive shift toward consuming more plant-based foods and vegetarian.



At first, you may think that I am talking about the normal vegetarian diet in some ways, but in the flexitarian diet, you are allowed to consume some meat. In other words, the diet takes after its name by being fully flexible compared to other vegan diets. So, if you’re looking forward to adding more veggies and plant-based foods to your diet without the aim of fully cutting out meat from it, then you can opt flexitarian diet way might just help you accomplish that and lose weight in the process.



The flexitarian diet is designed by dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner which help people to take the complete benefits of eating vegetarian while still eating occasional meat indulgence in moderation.


There is another aspect of the flexitarian diet that kept it away from other diets is that people who follow this diet don’t fall under any of the categories of vegetarians, non-vegetarians or even vegans. They are simply flexitarians. Flexitarians are allowed to take meat in moderation along with their meals that are rich in veggies. This diet does not have any clear-cut rules or any recommended number of macronutrients and calories to consume.


Flexitarian Diet: Lose Weight With Vegetarian Diet Without Being Harsh on Meat



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How Can You Lose Weight with the Flexitarian Diet?


A person can lose weight with the flexitarian diet by depending on certain principles, which if followed strictly, could bring effective results in no time. A good way to include the flexitarian diet into your fitness routine is to start with a plate loaded with fruits, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains.



Instead of consuming animal-based protein, consume plants based protein. However, this diet allows you to be more flexible in your choice of meals. Another important thing to keep in mind is to consume the natural form of foods and avoid any type of processed foods. Try to limit sweets and sugar from your foods.



Since this diet focuses more on what to a person include in his diet rather than what the person restrict from meals, it automatically becomes a popular choice for people who are looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle. The bigger goal of this diet is to eat more nutritious plant foods and less meat.


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