11 Common Skin Conditions and Types of Skin Diseases

Divya Tripathi

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Nowadays, skin disease is one of the biggest fear for anyone whether it is temporary or permanent, painful or painless. So, here we will discuss different types of skin disease along with its symptoms.


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Skin disease may vary in symptoms and severity. Some common skin conditions can be specific causes, and others can be genetic. Some of them are minor, while can be life-threatening.




Different Types of Skin Diseases


There are different types of skin diseases. Here, we are discussing the most common of them:



1. Acne


  • Commonly found on the face, shoulders, neck, upper back and chest.


  • Breakouts on the skin composed of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, or deep, painful cysts.


  • It can leave scars or darken skin if not treated well.



2. Cold Sore


  • A painful, red, fluid-filled cyst that comes out near the lips or mouth.


  • The affected area will often tingle or burn before the sore is visible


  • Cold sore can also have some flu-like symptoms such as low fever, body aches, and swollen lymph nodes.



3. Hives


  • Itchy, highlighted welts that occur after risk to an allergen.


  • Warm, red and light painful while touching.


  • Hives can be like round small, and large or ring-shaped and randomly shaped.



4. Latex Allergy


  • Latex allergy is a medical emergency and needs urgent care.


  • Rashes may appear within a short of time after contact to a latex product.


  • Latex particles may cause a cough, sneezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes


  • A serious allergy to latex can be the reason to swelling and difficulty breathing



5. Eczema


  • It is yellow or white scaly patches that comes off


  • Those areas may be red, itchy, greasy, or oily


  • Hair loss may also occur in the area.


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6. Melanoma


  • Melanoma is common in the fair-skinned people, and it is a severe form of skin cancer.


  • Mole anywhere on the body with an asymmetrical shape, and multiple colors.


  • A mole that changed in color or gets bigger with time.


  • Generally larger than a pencil eraser.



7. Contact Dermatitis


  • Contact Dermatitis takes sometimes hours to days to appear after contact with an allergen.


  • Rashes with visible borders appear where your skin touched the irritating substance


  • Skin became red, itchy, and scaly.



8. Vitiligo


  • Loss of pigment in the skin due to autoimmune disease of the cells that provide skin its color


  • Focal pattern: loss of skin color in only a few small areas that merge together later on.


  • Segmental pattern: depigmentation on only one side of your body.



9. Wart


  • Walt can cause many different types of a virus known Human Papillomavirus (HPV)


  • It can be found on the mucous membranes or skin.


  • It may occur either in a group or in singly.


  • Contagious and can commute to others as well.



10. Ringworm


  • Round-shaped scaly rashes with a raised border


  • Skin in the middle of the ring looks clear and normal, but the edges of the ring may spread outward.


  • Itchy.



11. Melasma


  • Melasma is a common skin condition with dark patches on the face.


  • Rarely appears on the neck, chest, or arms


  • More common in individuals with darker skin color with heavy sun exposure and pregnant women.


  • Skin discoloration


  • Sometimes its temporary and go by their own within a year, or sometimes last for a lifetime.






Here, we discussed the different type of skin disease. Some of them are temporary and some are permanent. It is recommended that do not avoid these symptoms and contact your doctor or dermatologist and discuss your issues related to the skin its the only way to diagnose the exact problem and find the proper treatment.


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