Government is Working on Setting Up ‘AYUSH Grid’ Countrywide

Divya Tripathi

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The AYUSH Ministry is working on setting up of the ‘AYUSH Grid’ countrywide, while connecting all hospitals and laboratories so that observations and case histories can be collated to generate evidence about the success of the traditional systems of medicine, including Ayurveda, sources said.


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This move is in a sequence of Indian government’s digital India motto. Last week at a Yoga Awards ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had emphasized on the need to create a homogenous system by setting up ‘AYUSH Grid’ on the lines of one nation, one tax, and one nation, one mobility card.



The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Ministry of AYUSH have already inked a pact to collaborate with each other for the digitizing of the AYUSH sector.



The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has ready to advise and provide the technical support to AYUSH Ministry for the sake of the planning and development of the grid project.



“This will be beneficial for all stakeholders of AYUSH including citizens of the country and in turn, will help to achieve various national and international goals in the healthcare sector,” Dr. Rajesh Kotecha, Union Ayush Secretary had said while signing the pact.



This step has been welcomed by the manufacturers of traditional medicines and Ayush experts.


According to the Executive director of AIMIL Pharma Ltd, “This will instill confidence among people and bring transparency and accountability in the sector at a time when the government is focussing on universal healthcare.”



The prime minister Narendra Modi had pitched for connecting technology along with tradition in the practice of AYUSH when he had announced the government’s plans to establish 12,500 centers across India which would provide a traditional system of medicines and healthcare. Out of these, 4,000 will be set up this year.



According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the estimated proportion of all deaths due to non-communicable diseases has raised from 37.09 percent in 1990 to 61.8 percent in 2016.



An array of ayurvedic drugs are available in the market, with some of them developed by country’s prestigious research institutions like the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).


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Source: Economic Times

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