World Diabetes Day 2018: How Can You Manage Diabetes

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Every year 14 November is celebrated as the World Diabetes Day. The day was first introduced in 1991 in an effort to spread awareness regarding diabetes its symptoms, causes, prevention, treatment and the other devastating effects it has on the human lives. It is very important to manage diabetes because if the disease left untreated it can lead to various short- and long-term illnesses.


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The World Diabetes Day attempts to raise awareness of the impact of the disease has on the person and the family suffering from it. The day also helps in promotes the role of the family in the diabetes management, care, education, and prevention regarding the disease.


Every year the World Diabetes Day has a significant and meaningful theme. So, the theme for World Diabetes Day 2018 and 2019 is “The Family and Diabetes.”


According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), more than 425 million people worldwide have diabetes, most of them with type 2 diabetes. In India, the number of people with diabetes has increased significantly in the past few years. According to national statistics, there are more than 72 million diabetics in India.


Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, can be largely prevented by regular exercise, a healthy and balanced diet, as well as promoting a healthy living environment. Mismanagement of diabetes can lead to many health complications, including diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) is the most popular form of diabetic retinopathy.




What is Diabetic Macular Edema?


Diabetic macular edema is an increase of fluid in the macula in the retina that controls the detailed vision abilities. DME occurs when damaged blood vessels swell and invade the retinal macula (the light-sensitive area at the back of the eye), causing vision problems in normal vision.


On World Diabetes Day, leading ophthalmologists across the country are promoting positive lifestyle changes and effective treatment to effectively control EMR.


In a statement Ajay Dudani, Ophthalmologist and Ophthalmologist and Vitreetratrine Surgeon at Bombay Hospital and CEO of the Mumbai Retina Center, states that “Eating healthy, balanced and nutritious nutrition improves eye health, and all pigmented fruits and vegetables are good for the health of the eyes, kiwi, etc. in your diet You also need to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle and better condition control.


In addition to the various lifestyle-related risks of diabetes, it is also important for patients to remain alert by recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of retinal diseases to enable rapid diagnosis and treatment. Diabetics may need to consult an ophthalmologist/retinologist every six months as they have a higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.


Common symptoms of DME include blurred, blurred or distorted vision, poor color vision, diminished color contrast or sensitivity, black spots in the eye, straight lines that appear wavy or crooked, and difficulty viewing remotely. Early detection of diabetic macular edema increases the likelihood of vision loss.


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How Can You Manage Diabetes?


Following are some of the steps which you can take to manage diabetes including;


  • Choose healthy eating options with more fibers and proteins.


  • Make your meal well-balanced.


  • Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages.


  • Physical activity is the most important part of managing diabetes.


  • Stay hydrated.


  • Have proper medication.


  • Avoid alcoholic beverages.



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