World Kidney Day 2020: 5 Precious Rules to Keep Kidneys Healthy

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About World Kidney Day


World kidney day is celebrated to spread global awareness regarding the importance of our kidneys. In 2020 we are celebrating this world kidney day on 12 March 2020 and the Theme of this year is Prevention and Detection. There are several events organized from public screenings to marathons for raising the awareness about world kidney day. There is a believe that increasing awareness will help people to fight against kidney issues. It is suggested to consult a kidney doctor in order to get proper treatment.


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On this day the organization spread the knowledge about how to prevent yourself from kidney disease, how to manage kidney disease, and about its risk factors.  These events are conducted to enhance the kidney health for the public. In the cases of kidney dysfunction, people often consult the kidney doctor to improve their overall health.


Our Mission


The aim of world kidney day is to recognize the need and the importance of our kidneys as well as the whole body and to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. There are various health problems worldwide, but on this day, kidney issues are focussed and efforts are made to reduce the number of cases of kidney problems in the future. Understanding the local and global causes is very important to solve the problems, in fact, many kidney doctors appreciate the concern and join hands to treat this worldwide issue.



The Objective Of World Kidney Day:


The main objective of world kidney day is to tell the significance of the health of our kidneys. Highlighting that diabetes and blood pressure problems are key risk factors for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).


  • Encourage preventive behaviors.



  • Educate all medical professionals about their responsibility in reducing the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease, particularly in high-risk populations.


  • On World Kidney Day, all governments, as well as the health professionals and kidney doctors are encouraged to take action and invest in further kidney screening.


  • Encourage Transplantation as the kidney transplant is a best-outcome option for kidney failure.



How to Keep Your Kidney Healthy?


Regular exercises and a healthy diet are the keys to keeping your kidney healthy. There are some other things too that we must do to keep our kidneys healthy. Here is the list of some dos and don’ts which will help you to keep your kidneys healthy and body functions normally.


Quit Smoking:


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Smoking increases the chances of kidney diseases by 50 percent. It can reduce the blood flow to the kidneys, due to this the normal process of the organ is not carried out efficiently. Initially, it can be temporary but later it becomes a permanent lifetime problem.


Avoid Over the Counter Drugs Frequently:


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Common over the counter drugs like pain killers can harm your kidneys if you consume it frequently. You can intake if you have healthy kidneys and take them often, but if you suffer from longtime pain in any part of your body, you should visit your doctor for a permanent solution and not depend on these drugs.


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Drink Plenty of Liquids:


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Water and other liquids help to clear sodium, urea, and toxins from the kidneys and help in keeping them healthy. However, excessive fluids intake can have adverse side effects on the functioning of your kidneys. The amount of fluids or water depends on various factors like your gender, work, activity, etc.


Control Your Blood Pressure:


World Kidney Day 2019: 5 Precious Rules to Keep Kidneys Healthy


Well, it is commonly known that hypertension is directly linked to heart attacks and strokes, but it is also true that high blood pressure can also lead to kidney damage. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 and the above then this can be a sign of danger. If you suffer from other chronic diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, you must take high blood pressure seriously. You must consult a kidney doctor if you feel any discomfort in your kidneys.


Reduce Salt Intake:


World Kidney Day 2019: 5 Precious Rules to Keep Kidneys Healthy


The average salt intake is 5-6 gm per day, which is around one teaspoon. Reducing the intake of salt can help in keeping the weight under control, and also help kidney diseases to getaway. Eating fresh and homemade food is the key to keep salt intake under control. Processed food can lead to more salt intake than actually recommended, which can be dangerous for the kidneys.


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