Success Story of The Kidney Transplant


Name: Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Age: 52

Disease: End Stage Renal Disease

Treatment: Kidney Transplant

Donor: Wife



I was suffering from kidney disease from the last two years, I got to know about this in May 2017. As a human, it was a big shock for me to know about my kidney failure and I needed to visit a kidney doctor to undergo the treatment of dialysis, as anybody would imagine, it was very difficult for me to handle this news. Then, I consulted my kidney doctor and he told me that the best and only way to overcome the dialysis is a “Kidney Transplant”.


The moment I got to know about the kidney transplant from my kidney doctor, I asked my brother if he could donate the kidney because we have the same blood group. He became ready to donate and goes under the medical test for kidney fitness, but there were some medical issues with him, so, he was rejected for the kidney donation.


Then I asked my wife and she was happily ready for the donation. As we both have different blood groups, I was confused whether she could donate the kidney or not, but then my kidney doctor told me that person with another blood group can also donate the kidney for transplant. The doctor then planned blood group incompatible kidney transplantation which is medically known as ABO-incompatible transplant.


Initially, I was feeling anxious and worried that will it be successful or not? and what was the success rate of this transplant? However, my family and the kidney doctor convinced me that technology is greatly improved and success rate for this ABO incompatible transplant is also highly improved.


So, I went through the process of a kidney transplant, and it was a successful transplant. My life is highly improved, in fact, I can say that I got a new life. As a patient, I must say “The life was paused during dialysis, and it started again after kidney transplant”.


At last, I am very thankful to the best kidney doctor and the whole team who supported me during dialysis and kidney transplant. It was a great team, great support, and great motivation. Thanks for your moral as well as medical support and for giving me a new life.


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