World Patient Safety Day: Patient Safety and Quality Care in India

Divya Tripathi

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An initiative was taken by the World Health Organization (WHO) to highlight the awareness of unsafe healthcare that is celebrated by the name of The World Patient Safety Day.


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The World Patient Safety Day was celebrated every year on 9th of December to highlight that patient safety is a worldwide public health concern and also a basic principle of healthcare, when patients are asked to adopt and observe methods to improve the healthcare standards and processes throughout the world.


Each year, around 444,000 individuals die due to preventable hospital errors. Fortunately, care providers, support staff, and consumers are trying to improve patient safety outcomes.




Tips For Patient Safety


All care providers, patients, and support staff have the same objective i.e the best possible treatment outcome. So, there are the following tips that some health organizations implement to achieve this goal.



1. Build a Rapid Response System


To aid organizations in planning rapid response systems, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has developed Team, or Team Strategies & Tools to Patient Safety and Enhance Performance. This team is used to determine the overall framework:

  • Status of the patient
  • Team members
  • Environment
  • Progress toward goal



2.  Make Sure That Employees Know and Understand Safety Policies

Employees and employers must understand their roles in organizational safety. In addition to training each new employee about hospital safety.



3. Develop a Safety Compliance Plan

Hospital administrators continually monitor and assess how employees follow applied policies. Boards of directors and institutional governing boards use this information to adjust organizational policies as needed, including but not limited to:


  • Establishing a framework to assess employee and vendor compliance
  • Developing compliance standards suitable for the community and organization
  • Mitigating or eliminating illegal activity
  • Promoting positive treatment outcomes
  • Maintaining insurance claim integrity
  • Providing a centralized compliance outlet



4. Communicate Safety Information to Patients

Doctors understand that well-educated patients can help in reducing medical errors. Additionally, with the lots of information available on the internet, now, it is also important that patients should understand health-related facts apply to their unique circumstances.


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5. Incorporate Safe Hospital Design

Orthodox hospital design focused on internal working efficiency rather than patient safety, designating interconnected work areas in close circumference. Well, patient-based building design includes organizational characteristics such as critical information proximity, air quality, noise dampening, and standardized feature locations.


Patients, employees, and administrators can remove most hospital errors by working as a team.




Non-Medical Aspects of Patient Safety

The Medical-staff and other employees should understand the fact that the most important person thing in a medical care system is the patient. This single factor makes a significant difference to the patient care in any hospital. There are some issues that need to take care to improve patient care are listed below.


1. Access.

Accessibility and availability of both the hospital and the Doctor should be confirmed to all those who require health care.



2. Waiting.

Waiting times for the services should be minimum.



3. Information.

Patient information about all procedures should be made very clear either medical or administrative.



4. Administration.

Patients Check-in and check-out process should be ‘patient friendly’.



5. Communication.

Communicating between the patient and the family with the doctor with minimum delays is a factor that can avoid a lot of frustration and anxiety.





Here, we discussed patient safety and quality care in India. There is a lot of improvement in patient safety, but lots of things still need improvement. A lot of government organization, as well as other bodies, are working to improve the condition of the patient regarding safety.


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