Top Hotels Near MGM Hospital Chennai

Chennai is a developed city when we talk about medical treatment facilities. Most of the patients want to get their treatment in Chennai. Even when we talk about medical tourism then it is a good option for international patients. This is the reason why people prefer to choose Chennai for treating heart surgeries, joint pains, or any other medical condition.


If you are going for medical treatment in Chennai then you also search for hotels nearby the Hospital. In this blog, we will tell you about hotels near MGM hospital Chennai. If you want to get the low cost treatment option in Chennai then you can Contact Us!


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Here Is The List Of Hotels Near MGM Hospital Chennai



  • BLU IRIS Hotel: This hotel is very luxurious and it is only 500 meters from the MGM Hospital.


  • Radha Regent Hotel: Radha Regent is near the MGM Hospital and it is only 2.3 KM from the hospital.


  • Green Park Chennai Hotel: This hotel is 5-star and very popular for its luxurious service and is 4.2 km from the hospital.


  • The Pride Hotel Chennai: This hotel is 4.4km from the hospital and you can also use public transport or if you have your own vehicle then you can go by your own.


  • Hotel Atchaya : This hotel is near the MGM hospital. The distance is only 2.6 km.


  • Fab hotel Emerald Manor: This hotel is easily affordable by tourists because rooms are available at a very low cost and it is just 2.1 Km away from the hospital.


  • The Belstead: This hotel is 4.7 km from the hospital and this hotel provides some basic facilities.


  • Hotel JP – CMBT: This is a four-star hotel and it is very popular in Chennai. It is 3.1km from the hospital.


  • Beverly Hotel: This hotel is 3.5km from the hospital and they provide some luxurious things on your budget.


  • Madras Regency: Madras Regency is 3.2 km from the MGM hospital and in this hotel, there are various types of rooms available.


What Are The Top Class Medical Facilities In MGM Hospital?


This Hospital was established in 1982 by Hon. Shri Kamal Kishore Kadam with a futuristic vision to provide qualitative education by applying innovative and dynamic pedagogical techniques. Past two decades, MGM Hospital Chennai has stood tall, with the former ranked 23rd among medical institutions in India (NIRF 2018), and the seventh medical college to be accredited by American Heart Association.


Now the vision of MGM Healthcare then it will be the admired and preferred healthcare institution for domestic and international patients, partners, and the community. The vision includes:


  • They committed to the highest standards of ethical practices and value


  • The dedicated team of experts and professionals who consistently deliver and provide high-quality healthcare


  • An ecosystem that encourages and invests in advanced medical practices and research


  • They have an ability to deliver exceptional value to all the stakeholders


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What Are The Specialities In MGM Hospital?


There are various types of specialties available in MGM hospital. It includes:


  • Anaesthesiology & SICU


  • Cardiac Sciences


  • Emergency Medicine






  • Neurosciences and Spinal Disorders





  • Paediatrics and Neonatology




  • Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery



  • ENT, Head & Neck Surgery


  • Internal Medicine


  • Laboratory Services & Blood Bank


  • Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery


  • Multidisciplinary ICU




  • Rehabilitation Medicine



We have already told you some of the best hotels near MGM hospital Chennai. If you want to get the treatment at MGM hospital then GoMedii will help you. We are associated with MGM hospital and you can get the treatment through us and it is a cost-saving option for you.


Why Chennai Is a Good Option For Medical Treatment?



Chennai is also known as the medical capital because most Indian patients are going for their medical treatment. When we talk about top medical treatment destinations then Chennai comes in the first place.


What Are The Popular Treatment In Chennai?


Oncology treatment is in high demand in Chennai. It holds South Asia’s first proton cancer therapy, which treats multiple cancers through extreme precision. Chennai is also known for India’s first total marrow irradiation treatment. Other treatments are also in demand.


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