New Technique Emanate to Tackle Prostate Cancer

Vaibhav Saxena

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Prostate cancer is one of the most chronic and rapidly growing cancers which has been acquiring males in the entire world in the count of millions of every year.


In the condition of prostate cancer, the prostate gland is affected harshly, this gland is responsible for producing fluid for semen and controlling urinary flow.


These laboratory-grown prostate cancer cells would be immensely helpful in supporting the researches that have been ongoing from decades to erode away this cancer from its roots.


It is entirely true that radiotherapy and surgery were two major and effective methods of treating prostate cancer successfully, yet many aspects of treatment were still uncovered and latent.



How the Conditions Used To Be?


According to the doctors, the reason behind any drug medication or therapy’s delayed and non-effective action in treating the prostate cancer is because of lack of researches.


The drug or the therapy requires live tests on the infected prostate cells whereas the only source of extracting these cells was human body suffering from cancer.


Unfortunately, the life of these cells taken out of the human body is extremely low which caused them to die early and the research or tests used to fail.


Also, the organic and actual cells which were extracted from human bodies are highly complexed and fragile which made it more difficult to conduct the researches and tests successfully.



How the Condition Will be Turned?


Today, after this groundbreaking successful research the possibilities and reality have been turned over. The laboratory generated tumor cells are made with the help of the tumor cells donated by many sufferers, these cells are way more simplified than the actual ones.


The testing and screening of drug on these oversimplified cells will provide better analysis and conclusion of the research than it used to be.


Researchers from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, have been looking for the alternative method of conducting the researches from past many years.


The group, led by Prof. Gail Risbridger, are the responsible hands in growing tumors in the laboratory from donated tumor tissue. The resulting tissue is considered to be the replica of actual with the same complexity as well.


As stated by Prof. Gail Risbridger; “The lab-grown tumors will accelerate cancer research so that scientific discoveries benefit patients sooner“.


In a recent paper’ column in the journal “European Urology,” it was published by Prof. Gail Risbridger with her colleague Dr. Mitchell Lawrence that how much this recent research has helped in comparing different treatments and identify those that cause the most striking reduction in tumor growth.


It has been concluded that this recent experiment of laboratory-grown prostate cancer cells has offered the scientists a quick and effective way of research. Additionally, the experiment help in finding the effective route to trialing new ways to attack prostate cancer. The result will be in benefits of curing the prostate cancer in a better way.

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