Couple From DR Congo Get Successful IVF Done!

Starting a family can be a great decision to make, however, everything beautiful cannot come naturally to some. Taking life as it is and aspiring to have what they wanted in life, our dearest patient, Stephanie Muka Kasunzu from DR Congo, reached out to us for her IVF surgery. This was an important step in their life and we are glad that we could be part of this journey of their parenthood. There is always a second chance that God gives us, how we get our hands on that opportunity is all on us. Read on to know our success story of the couple from DR Congo.


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When did Stephanie decide to reach out to GoMedii?



Numerous tests and a lot of effort to get pregnant were all going in vain until someone suggested IVF to Stephanie and her husband. Understanding the limitations of their country and the medical arrangements in the same, they were suggested GoMedii India by one of our previous patients.

While the couple had their own doubts about if it would work, our team assured them that if they choose us, we would not let anything come between them from becoming parents. It was just not any other case and had an emotional connection. At GoMedii we just don’t help patients get treated but also ensure that the bond stays with them as an experience in a different country.


Is IVF a safe way to get for couples?


Yes, with time, technology has become more complimenting and safer. IVF as a technique for getting pregnant has given numerous couples, the hope to get pregnant and raise a child of their own. If you wish to get the treatment done by one of the best IVF specialists in India, you can contact us. We ensure that you will be given the best care and start your journey of parenthood.


What is the IVF Procedure?


There are 4 major processes or steps you can refer them when it comes to IVF. These procedures are carried out by our extremely experienced and trained professionals who have been serving hospitals for a number of years:

1. Super Ovulation: In this process, the doctor provides medicines to the female patient to enhance egg production.

2. Follicular Aspiration: Follicular Aspiration involves the removal of eggs from the female body.

3. Insemination: The doctor now places the sperm and egg together in this process for artificial fertilization.

4. Transplantation of Embryo in Womb or Uterus: After the fertilization process, the egg turns into an embryo. The doctor keeps the fetus under continuous analysis to check the growth of the nucleus.

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How many tries in IVF to get pregnant?


In IVF, the possibility is high, it is however only in very cases that it does not work. The number of tries hence depends on the success rate. Let us say that there were 100 cases, 90-95 cases achieve the chance of getting an embryo plantation on the first try itself.


You do not have to worry. A similar issue was faced by Stephanie and her husband as well. They were confused regarding the number of tries they were supposed to go under. With God’s grace, they got their news in the first shot itself. This is not just with them, most of our IVF patients have a very similar story to share.


How much did it cost Mrs. Kasunzu for her IVF surgery?



The cost highly depends on the ways through which you get the procedures done and also how critical the case is. Along with the procedure, the cost of the treatment in India is far cheaper and with higher quality than any other medical tourist destination.

The cost involves a lot of your choices and hence a customized plan is also available with us. We ensure that the doctors and the medical staff are highly skilled and you are attended to 24/7.


Start Your Parenthood Journey With GoMedii!


After 4 weeks of getting through the cycle, we heard from Stephanie, that she was going to be a mother. The couple was more than happy to celebrate this news with us. They sent a heartfelt note through a video, explaining how grateful they were to have found GoMedii as their treatment partner.

We were glad and the team was happy to see our patients satisfied with the service that was provided to them. This is what we try to achieve with every case that comes to us at GoMedii. We dedicate ourselves not only to providing medical treatment but a holistic experience of medical care! Start yours by clicking here or simply drop your query on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724)or email us at


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