Little Mahira Gets Cochlear Implant In MGM Hospital Chennai

It is said that as parents or as guardians we are ignorant if the suffering is of our own. The suffering of our child can affect us far more severely than. We remember when we received a query from Bangladesh, about a little girl who had issues with hearing.


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While the age of the little warrior was just 1.5 years, the GoMedii team made sure that she gets the best service medically. Read on to know the story of one of our youngest patients from Bangladesh, Mahira Islam. To start your treatment success story or know about more such patients, drop your query!

1.5 Year Old Mahira Gets Cochlear Implant Treatment in Chennai


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“She came to us as a blessing, and we could not see her in pain and decided to get the treatment at any cost,” said, Mahira’s Father to our team when they arrived at the Chennai airport. The little girl was suffering from a hearing disability. The pre-treatment consultation made it very clear that Mahira will have to under cochlear implants.


The thought in your mind must be, why did this little girl need a treatment that is so difficult to sound in the first place? We will let you know, in case you are someone looking for the same treatment, just drop your query with us.


What Is Cochlear Implant? 



Cochlear Implant In MGM Hospital Chennai, Cochlear Implant in chennai, Mahira's Case at MGM Hospital, Mahira's parents contact GoMedii, procedure for the implant,  Cochlear Implant Hospital In Chennai


Deaf patients or hard-of-hearing patients who haven’t seen successful treatment or significant improvement through conventional treatments or hearing aids will benefit greatly from cochlear BAHA implants.


Cochlear implants aren’t hearing aids. They’re in fact, vastly different. Hearing aids make sounds louder. On the other hand, Cochlear implants are installed through surgery.


The purpose of implants is to send impulses directly to the auditory nerve. The nerve learns to send these impulses to the brain, helping the patient understand sound in a new way.


This is what sets apart Cochlear implants as a revolutionary new approach to hearing loss. Cochlear implants are designed to create the ‘sensation’ of hearing by providing electrical stimulation to nerves in the cochlea, inside the ear. This enables patients with severe nerve deafness to ‘hear’ again.


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Who consulted Mahira’s Case at MGM Hospital?


GoMedii is known to have collaborated with the most experienced doctors and world-class hospitals. MGM hospital as our partner hospital has been one of the finest choices by our patients across the country and outside.


Mahira’s case was taken up by Dr. Sanjeev Mohanty who is a renowned ENT specialist. To know about him and get your appointment booked, just drop in your request with us!

How Did Mahira’s parents contact GoMedii?


“We had heard about GoMedii from our family friends and a lot of others also suggested the Chennai hospital and GoMedii helping Bangladeshi patients,” said Mahira’s mother. Mahira Gets Cochlear Implant Treatment in Chennai when the parents thought they could not get the right treatment.


If a 1.5-year-old can win battles so can you! Drop your query with us. Just like the parents you can visit our website and fill out forms. There are emails and phone numbers you can connect us through.

What is the procedure for the implant?


Prior to the actual implantation process, a detailed testing and screening process will determine whether the patient is ready or eligible for cochlear implants. Assuming the patient makes it through the screening and is approved and ready for the next steps, the following takes place.


During the start of the surgical procedure, the patient may be given an IV. This part of the implantation is surgical. However, the procedure doesn’t take a lot of time. The medical team may shave the patient’s scalp around the implantation site, and attach cables to monitor the patient’s vitals.


Using a mask the patient will be provided with anesthesia and oxygen and put to sleep for the surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision behind the patient’s ear. A small hole will be created in the skull bone. This is where the internal device will be placed. A small opening will be made in the inner ear’s cochlea.


This is where the electrode that sends signals to the cochlea from the processor will be implanted. Once the internal device has been placed, the incision behind the ear is stitched back.


Once the procedure is over and the patient wakes up, they may feel some pressure or discomfort over their ear. This is normal and will pass in time. When the procedure has been completed, the actual implant will be activated after 3-6 weeks, once the incision site has healed.


Which Hospital did Mahira go to for a consultation? 


The parents made a choice to get their child treated at MGM hospital. This was a choice that the couple had made for their little girl to be treated. 


GoMedii making lives easier and Healthier! 


Mahira was all happy and wished to see around Chennai, GoMedii did not disappoint her. We made sure that she enjoys the beaches and the coconut water, which she says “Khoob Bhalo”.  GoMedii team is glad that we had an opportunity to cater to such lovely patients! 


With GoMedii as your treatment partner, you do not have to worry about it. Once you drop your query regarding the treatment then we are your treatment partner and we provide the best treatment options at an affordable cost. GoMedii provides a comfortable stay and good quality of healthcare. If you want to get the treatment then simply, drop your query on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at


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