Never be afraid to say what you feel

Hi, I’m Preksha a 28-year-old woman and got married 6 months back. Although it’s an arranged marriage, I knew him since long back. We have been emotionally connected and fell in love before marriage. My husband used to live alone in Noida.


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I was mentally prepared to face the ups and downs challenges that will come in my married life. But after the marriage, due to nervousness, things couldn’t run smoothly. I wasn’t able to manage or handle matters and situations, consequently end up getting anxious.


I was born and reared in a joint family and never have been alone before. I was very talkative since childhood I use to share all my small things with my sister and sister-in-law. After coming from the office, I use to sit with my sister and share things that I did the whole day. But after marriage, I felt lonely. It made me very depressed.


Since we both are working, we hardly get time for each other. As my husband’s office is in Gurugram which is very far from where we live, so he leaves home early and returns very late. We spend a maximum of four hours together.


He does a lot of extra-curricular activities, to prepare for that, he has to go even on the weekends. So, I have to be alone even on the weekends. I was aware of this before our marriage, but at that time I wanted to inspire him and thought I can adjust to that. Even now, I am happy with his activities and I don’t want him to discontinue it because for me.


I don’t know anyone in my building because this is a new place for me. So, I don’t have any other choice but to stay at home most of the time.


Because of this loneliness, I started getting irritated and end up having arguments and fights with my husband. Gradually, I became reserved and depressed. One day my husband came to me and said he doesn’t want me to be like this, he wants to see you happy.


I told whatever I felt in the last six months my depression my loneliness and my expectation from life. He smiled and said, don’t worry we will find a way that will make both of us happy. We both made simple changes in our lifestyle that allowed us to spend more time together and understand each other well.


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