Success Story: Knee Replacement Surgery, A Revival

Name: Indira Mishra

Age: 60

Years of suffering from pain: 3


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I was suffering from severe knee pain for the last three years, it was getting very difficult for me living with this knee pain. I began using a stick for walking, and my condition was getting worst day by day. My doctor, as well as family, encouraged me to consult a joint replacement specialist.


But I was afraid of the surgery. Many people said that it was very safe, still, I was anxious and wondered about the possible side effects. I tried everything like Ayurvedic medicines, hot oil massage, even alternate therapies but nothing was working and it was only delaying which was the biggest mistake. The pain became unbearable. I was almost immobile.


Finally, my daughter intervened. She said ‘Mumma, just get it done. I am here to take care of everything, don’t worry.”


She took me to a joint replacement specialist. I had advanced osteoarthritis. He explained the progression of the disease and told me about the implant options. He advised a knee replacement without delay.


I was actually surprised to know that millions of people around the world were living an active life after knee replacement surgery. There I met many patients, who had undergone the surgery and were living their lives happily.


So I got ready for the surgery, and it was successful. After a weak of surgery I came back to the house and took rest for almost a month and after that, I was able to walk by my own, without any support. This was the happiest thing to me.


Now After around 6 months, I am thankful to my daughter who encouraged me to take a step. I am now very comfortable in playing with my grandchildren and even I can run with him, and my grandchild said that I am the coolest grandmother ever.


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