Paget’s Disease of Bone: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

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Bones are the most essential part of the body, any kind of deformity in bones is enough capable of causing troubles for the lifetime. Paget’s disease is what decays and effects the bones in a massive amount and effects 1.5 to 8.0% of the world population so must stay aware and informed of this rare yet harmful disease.


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What is Paget’s Disease?

Paget’s disease of bone is a chronic bone disorder, generally called Paget’s disease, involves deformity or remodeling of cellular system of one or more bones which leads to the bones to be misshapen or weak.


These brittle bones fall on a risk of breakage or arthritis, also this disease leads to hearing loss as well. A human body can acquire this disease in any bone but most common ones are the pelvis, skull, spine, and legs.


Paget’s disease was earlier called by name osteitis deformans because it involved inflammatory processes of the bones. Later it was discovered and recognized by Sir James Paget (The person on whom the disease is named after) in his papers of 1877.


James Paget stated- “Holding, then, the disease to be an inflammation of bones, I would suggest that, for brief reference, and for the present, it may be called, after its most striking character, Osteitis deformans. A better name may be given when more is known of it.”


There are generally two types of Paget’s disease:

1. Monostotic type when only a singular bone is affected in the whole body

2. Polyostotic type when multiple bones are affected in the whole body




What are the Symptoms of Paget’s Disease?

In case of this disease, the disorder causes the construction of new bones way more rapidly than normal, these formulated new bones new bones are weak and fragile which leads to many conditions in the body.


The symptoms are not likely to be visible in early stage but sooner the symptoms become detectable and vary according to the specificity of the bone where the disease exists.

  • Pelvis: hip pain and discomfort
  • Skull: hearing loss or headaches.
  • Spine: Pain, tingling, and numbness in an arm or leg.
  • Leg: Osteoarthritis in knee or hop, bowlegged, stress in nearby joint



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What are the Causes of Paget’s Disease?


Paget’s disease of bones was a mystery till early 1900’s. After many pieces of research and studies, this disease came into light. But even today the main cause behind this disease is entirely unknown and undiscovered but there are few risk factors that are considered responsible for triggering it.

1. Age factor: After the age of 40 years people are more susceptible to this disease
2. Gender: Women are more likely to get affected by this disease than men
3. Heredity: It can easily travel from parents to offsprings




How is the Paget’s Disease is Diagnosed?

The doctor runs some essential tests and exams to reach out on a conclusion and proper analysis of the disease.


Primarily, the doctor takes a physical exam by asking all the questions by the patient verbally or written than for the further diagnosis he/she may suggest X-ray or Bone scan to evaluate the bone thoroughly.


The presence of alkaline phosphatase in the blood in high level also indicates the chronicity of the disease so the doctor may also draw blood for the test.




What are the Treatment Measures for Paget’s Disease?

No matter if the causes of this disease are undefined but there is a presence of many treatment measures and solutions as mentioned below.

1. Medication:

If you are unable to find any symptoms then most likely you don’t need any treatment but still, chances are inclined towards the disease being active due to high alkaline phosphorous levels so there are medications to reduce that level to normal. Also, there are over the counter medicines for relieving pain and discomfort from the affected joint.


2. Lifestyle and Diet:

A person suffering from Paget’s disease of bone must maintain the bones mobility by easy exercises like brisk walking, stretching and swimming whereas weight gain and falling must be avoided. Also, the person must consume a good amount of vitamin D and calcium regularly so foods rich in the aforementioned are great for your diet.


3. Surgery:

In case of failure of all the methods of treatment and conditions like helping fractures to heal, replacing joints damaged by severe arthritis or realigning the deformed bone, surgery turns out to be the only solution. Although many medication and complication are stuck with the surgery process.





The Paget’s disease of bone is quite rare in Asia and Scandinavia but has chronic outcomes and impacts so learning all the tips and toes of it is the smartest choice to make in case of staying healthy and immune to fatal diseases.


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