Bone Cancer: Symptoms, Stages, Causes, & Treatment

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Bone cancer is rare in adults. It starts in the cells which make up the bone. Cancer begins when the cells grow out of control. Cells are the part of the body which can become cancerous and can spread to other parts of the body.


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What is Bone Cancer?


Bone Cancer is one of the rarest cancers in the world and it usually occurs in the large bones of arms and thighs. The bone tumor occurs when cancer, or abnormal tissues, form in a bone. A tumor may be poisonous, which means it’s growing aggressively and spreading to other parts of the body. Poisonous cancer is often referred to as the deadliest cancer.


What are the Types of Bone Cancer?


1. Osteosarcoma


Osteosarcoma is a common form of bone tumor. In this tumor, the cancerous cells are produced in bones. This variety of bone cancer appears most often in children and young adults in the bones of the leg or arm. In a few circumstances, osteosarcomas can arise outside of bones.


2. Chondrosarcoma


Chondrosarcoma is the second common form of bone tumor. In this tumor, the cancerous cells are produced in the cartilage. It usually appears in the pelvis, legs or arms in middle-aged and older adults.


3. Ewing sarcoma


Ewing sarcoma tumors are most commonly arise in the pelvis, legs or arms of children and young adults.


What are the Stages of Bone Cancer?


There are four stages of bone tumor:


Stage 1

The cancer cells are still localized to the bone, and the tumor is considered low-grade.


Stage 2

These cancers are still localized to the bone, but they are considered high-grade.


Stage 3

Primary bone cancers at this stage are still localized to the bone, but they are high-grade and have spread to several places within the same bone.


Stage 4

In this stage, cancer has spread beyond the bone to other areas of the body. As bone cancer, staging also takes into account how abnormal the cells look under the microscope.


What are the Symptoms of Bone Cancer?


There are some symptoms of a bone tumor:


1. Bone pain


2. Fatigue


3. Swelling and tenderness


4. Weakened bone


5. Weight loss


6. Easily broken bone


7. A lump in the affected area


What are the Causes of Bone Cancer?


1. Abnormal Cellular Growth


Healthy cells continually divide and replace older cells. After completing this process they die. Abnormal cells, however, continue living. They start forming masses of tissue which turn into tumors.


2. Radiation Therapy


Radiation therapy destroys the dangerous cancer cells and can be used to treat a bone tumor. Although, osteosarcoma form in some people who receive the treatment.


What are the Risk Factors of Bone Cancer?


There are a few risk factors of bone cancer:


1. A family history of cancer, especially bone tumor


2. Having received radiation treatment or therapy in the past


3. Having Paget’s disease, which is a condition that causes the bones to break down and then grow back abnormally.


4. Currently or previously having had multiple tumors in the cartilage, which is the connective tissue in the bone.


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What are the Preventions of Bone Cancer?


There are some preventions used to avoid bone cancer:


1. Don’t Use Tobacco:


Consuming tobacco and smoking are the main causes of many types of cancer. Always try to minimize its consumption to save yourselves from the risk of cancer.


2. Maintain a Healthy Weight:


Obesity can be one of the major reasons for cancer. Indulge in physical activity daily to maintain your weight and stay physically fit.


3. Balanced Diet:


A person’s diet plays a major role in body health. Always try to include green leafy vegetables, and fruits in order to minimize the growth of cancer-causing cells.


What are the Treatments of Bone Cancer?


There are some treatments of bone tumor:




In this treatment, the cancerous cells of the body are removed by doctors. Surgery can be quite painful, and there are chances of renewed growth of cancer cells.


Radiation Therapy


In this treatment, radiations are sent to the body especially the areas with tumor cells, and the removal of the tumor is done by these radiations.




In this therapy, drugs are given to the patients, who have a bone tumor, either orally or through injections. This is one of the best ways practiced to remove cancer cells from the body.




In the above article, we have talked about bone cancer and its stages, symptoms, causes, risk factors, preventions and treatment. The best and the effective way to cure this tumor is eating a healthy diet like- fresh fruits, green vegetables. Avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco because it causes the risk of bone tumor. If you ever feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms of the bone tumor, consult a doctor as soon as possible.


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