Do You Know About Brain Cancer Stages?

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Brain cancer is a disease of brain. The brain is involved in controlling our entire body functions and vitalities. Well, health plays a vital role in our life so it is very important to keep staying strong and healthy. Now let’s start to discuss brain cancer stages, symptoms and treatment.


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What is Brain Cancer?


Brain cancer is a disease of the brain which occurs when abnormal cells, dead cells from within the brain gets active and they stop preventing harmful threats to the brain.


The functionalities of a brain like muscle control, sensations, memory, and other normal body functions get abrupted. The brain is the control center for vital functions of the body, for example- movement, thoughts, feelings, memory, hearing, and vision.


The brain is controlling our body functions during the entire living time. Brain Cancer is not considered to be a common illness, Thereabout 23,770 new people per year with about 16,050 deaths due to this illness. According to the national cancer institute (NCI), most of the people were dying because of cancer. It can be brain cancer, skin cancer , lung cancer, mouth cancer, breast cancer. Every person should take good treatment of cancer.




What are the Brain Cancer Stages?



There are top brain cancer stages:


Brain cancer occurs when one type of cell transforms and loses its normal characteristics. In that case, abnormal cells grow. Brain cancer is classified by GRADES whereas chronicity is classified as STAGES. Brain tumors vary in their growth rate and ability to cause symptoms. The cells in fast-growing, aggressive tumors usually appear abnormally.


Grade 1:  The tissue is tender and the cells look normal like brain cells but they grow slowly.


Grade 2:  The tissue is harmful. The cell looks less like normal cells and the cell becomes a grade I tumor.


Grade 3:  The harmful tissue cells look very different from normal cells. The abnormal cells are actively growing and are distinctly abnormal.


Grade 4: The harmful tissue cells look most abnormal and tend to grow quickly.


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What are the Symptoms of Brain Cancer?



The symptoms of brain tumors are countless and not specific to brain tumors, It can be caused by many other illnesses as well. Many people have no awareness that they could have brain cancer. The only way to know exact results is by taking help of diagnostic tests with the help of your concerned doctor.



There are a few symptoms of brain cancer.



  • Weakness


  • Dizziness


  • Difficulty in walking


  • Nausea



  • Blurry vision


  •  Memory loss


  •  Difficulty in speaking


  • Personality changes


  • Muscle weakness



  • Sleepiness


How to Treat Brain Cancer?


A brain cancer treatment is prescribed by the doctors and it depends on the cancer type, brain location, tumor size, patient age, and the patient’s general health status. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy and surgery would cure brain cancer. These therapies are the major treatment of brain cancer.




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As we discussed earlier, brain cancer stages, treatment, symptoms, and the best way to cure brain cancer is chemotherapy and radiant therapy it. It will help to cure brain cancer and make you feel safe and healthy. Eat healthy food, take proper medical precautions. There is no particular age for brain cancer or any cancer.


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