Cost of Liver Transplant In India

Shikhar Atri

, Treatments

Organ transplantation is a very costly affair. It is also risky, as there are so many criteria that one has to see before the transplantation takes place. India has been on the top list of most medical travelers for fulfilling the demand for transplantation.

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The cost of liver transplant treatment in India is fairly less than that of most countries. Hence, with GoMedii as one of your choices for a medical treatment partner, we are sure to help you get the best deals.

Why do we need a liver transplant?

Liver transplantation is necessary when the liver functions are damaged beyond the body’s capacity to regenerate. In children and adults with liver failure due to long-standing liver disease, primary liver tumors, or generalized diseases, liver transplantation may be potentially curative.

Liver Transplantation is the surgical procedure to replace a damaged liver with a healthy liver from a donor. This is done when your liver is damaged beyond repair and when it ceases to function or malfunctions, then the patient has to look at Liver Transplant.

India is one of the leading nations where you can undergo quality medical treatment at a low cost. This article helps you in understanding the cost, preparation, and procedures to be followed while undergoing a liver transplant in India.

The cost of liver transplants in India varies but is still far less than in others. When matched to any other medical destination India offers the lowest cost for liver transplant surgery. The cost of a Liver Transplant in India comes within the range of USD 32000-35000. However, with GoMedii International we make sure we give the best deals to our patients. We help you save more.

For more details, you can fill up the inquiry form online, this would only help you save time. You will get the entire package of pre-surgery investigation, surgery for the patient, surgery for the donor, hospital stay in a private room, and medicines.

You need to be aware of the length of stay and upkeep costs while in India. The hospital provides a stay only after surgery. While your total stay in India will be for 2 months if your donor is available. But if you have to wait for a deceased person’s liver then your wait can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months.

A liver transplant is not done in totality. Hence, depending on the condition of the patients and also the donor, the prices are fixed. However, GoMedii International is committed to taking care of all your problems. Still do not know how to reach us? Download the GoMedii app on your phone or visit our website.

We provide you with the best facilities across India and make your stay and your treatment a comfortable and successful one. You can choose us and leave your worries behind. For more precise information, you can submit the inquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Come to India, to experience the best!

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