10 Negative Health Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

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There are several negative health effects of skipping breakfast including weight gain, osteoporosis, heart disease, irritability or mood swings, menstrual irregularity, low memory, low energy levels and hormonal stress.


The wise saying, “Breakfast is the typical important meal of the day” has been spoken by several mothers throughout the ages.


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It has been murmured in the ears of children on early-to-rise mornings for centuries that have breakfast is so important in recent years.


Several experts report that people who eat breakfast are less likely to overeat the rest of the day.


According to a report by the American Heart Association, breakfast eaters tend to have lower rates of heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.


But some studies reveal that fasting for longer overnight periods can actually help people with losing weight.


A study appeared in the periodical “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” which shows that skipping breakfast may increase dangerous inflammation in the body followed by insulin sensitivity.


Negative Health Effects Of Skipping Breakfast:


Bad For the Heart:


  • People who skip breakfast have more chances of supporting heart attack as compared to those who eat breakfast.


  • People who avoid breakfast are more likely increased susceptibility to hypertension that results in clogging of arteries.


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Higher Risk Of Type-2 Diabetes:


  • A study by the Harvard University School of Public Health, reveals that correlation between health and eating habits.


  • Women who had the habit of avoiding or skipping breakfast are at a higher risk of developing Type-2 diabetes than who had their daily breakfast.


Negative Impact On Mood And Energy Levels:


According to a study by the periodical “Physiological Behavior,” have negative impacts on mood and energy.


Risk Of Cancer:

Skipping breakfast enhances obesity, so obese or overweight has an increased risk of developing cancer.



Missing morning meal had higher chances of gaining weight, but constant practice of skipping breakfast leads to weight gain and not weight loss.


Hair Loss:


  • Hair loss is the main cause of skipping breakfast.


  • A meal that has low levels of protein can affect the levels of keratin.


  • Protein-rich breakfast helps in lush, strong hair with zero hair fall.


Affect Metabolism:


Skipping breakfast result in low metabolism, thus according to several studies on the importance of breakfast, people who eat breakfast have a higher level of metabolism.


Physical Side Effects:


According to the National Institutes of Health, not eating breakfast increases the risk of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. The physical symptoms include shakiness, weakness, dizziness, headaches, tingling, and rapid heart rate.



Which Fruits Are Best for an Empty Stomach?

There are some fruits which are best for an empty stomach include:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Soaked almonds
  • Eggs
  • Warm water and honey
  • Oatmeal, Buckwheat and Cornmeal Porridge
  • Papaya or Watermelon



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