Alcoholic Liver Disease : Stages, Symptoms & Treatment

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The diseases which are caused by years of excessive alcohol consumption is called Alcoholic Liver Disease. You should be aware of the facts about Liver Diseases which will help you to guide other people about this disease. Every year there are many cases of the patient who are suffering from liver diseases; alcohol being the reason.


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It is all about the quantity of alcohol you are consuming. Not more than 2 drinks a day for men and 1 drink a day for women are advised to avoid future complications. Scroll down to know the causes of Alcoholic Liver Diseases.


Causes of Alcoholic Liver Disease


The main cause according to the facts about alcoholic liver diseases is the excessive consumption of alcohol from years. The excessive consumptions tend your liver to swell and inflamed. Cirrhosis is also caused due to this habit which is basically the last stage of liver damage. Now, you might be thinking that what amount is appropriate to avoid liver damage. The answer to this is 8 drinks per week in the case of females and 15 drinks per week of males.


Stages and Symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Disease


The symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Diseases are not prominent at the beginning, they tend to increase with time. It depends upon the stage and severity of the disease. Known facts about alcoholic liver diseases stage 3 stages. They are mentioned below.


Stage 1: Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases


This is the first stage of this serious disease. In this stage, fat starts to accumulate around the liver. It is recommended to stop consuming alcohol if this occurs with you. You can only avoid future complications by quitting alcohol consumption.


Stage 2: Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis


In this stage, your liver starts to swell (inflamed). The patient is treated and in some cases, the damage is reversed. The cases which are more severe leads to liver failure sometimes.


Stage 3: Alcoholic Cirrhosis


This is the last stage of alcoholic liver diseases. This is due to excessive liver damage due to high alcohol consumption from years. Unfortunately, the damage cannot be undone at this could lead to liver failure.


Some symptoms associated with alcoholic liver diseases are:


1. Nausea


2. Jaundice


3. Loss of appetite


4. Fatigue


5. Abdominal Discomfort


6. Increased thirst


7. Mood swings


8. Fainting


9. Confusion


10. Enlarged breasts (in men)


These symptoms are observed in a person who might be suffering from such a disease. It is recommended to consult the doctor in these cases for the diagnosis of the disease. There are certain ways used by doctors to diagnose this issue in the human body.


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Diagnosis of Alcoholic Liver Diseases


Liver failure or damage may also be due to some other reason. The doctor examines and orders a certain test to thoroughly check the scenario. These tests are:


1. CBC ( Complete Blood Count )


2. Liver Function Test


3. CT Scan


4. Abdominal Ultrasound


5. Liver Biopsy


After the diagnosis, the doctor starts the treatment in order to repair the damage caused by the alcohol to the liver of the patient. Look below to see the treatment methods used by the doctors.


Treatment of Alcoholic Liver Disease


The diagnosed facts about alcoholic liver diseases vary from patient to patient. It depends upon the severity and the body tolerance of the patients. Some ways of treating alcoholic liver diseases are:


1. Multivitamins


The people who are in the habit of heavy drinking, they lack the amount of vitamin-B in their body which results in anemia or malnutrition.


2. Liver Transplant


Transplantation of the liver is necessary in the cases where the liver is almost damaged by cirrhosis. The liver plays an important part in the functioning of the body that’s why its proper working is very beneficial for a person to be healthy.


3. Supplements of Vitamin-A


Persons with deficiency of vitamin A are more prone to liver issues.

However, consuming supplements of vitamin A with alcohol is risky and dangerous. It is advised to take these supplements after stopping alcohol intake. These supplements are not consumed as medicine, instead, they are consumed to prevent conditions such as malnutrition.




After analyzing the facts about alcoholic liver diseases, It is mostly seen that the reason for these diseases is the lifestyle of the person. Today’s lifestyle ignores the health consequences and people generally ended up being sick or unhealthy. It is requested to take proper care of your health and make all the required changes in your lifestyle to avoid such complications. Moreover, consult the doctor if you are feeling issues regarding your health because even the smallest issue inside your body may be linked to a high risk of severe diseases.


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