When is The Best Time To Take a Pregnancy Test?

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Are you ready to plan your family? if your answer is yes then this blog is for. There are so many things that can confuse you like when is the best time to take a pregnancy test or what is the right way to take the test. The stress of pregnancy tests is common whether you want to get pregnant or you don’t want to get pregnant. It’s important to take the test at the right time to get an accurate result. So, let’s explore when is the best time to take a pregnancy test?


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When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?


Along with the right time for the test you should know many more simple things related to the test and its result.


All you need to know about pregnancy test


As we know that delayed or missed period is the first sign that makes you ready to take a pregnancy test. However, one should wait for some time before going for the test. The right time for taking a pregnancy test is after two weeks of you have had sex or after 10 days of missing your periods.


You need to wait for this period to get the accurate test. There is an essential hormone named HCG that detected after 7-12 days of the egg implantation cycle is complete. After the process started the HCG level started getting double every 48 hours.


Keep an eye on your hCG levels!


The result of the test depends upon the type of test you go for. Some of the home pregnancy tests that you use are sensitive and can detect hCG levels as early as four days before your period date.


When is the best time to take a blood pregnancy test?


Blood pregnancy tests are also an option to confirm your pregnancy. Especially if you are getting constant negative reports on your home pregnancy tests but have reason to believe that you are pregnant. The home pregnancy tests measure the levels of a hormone called hCG. however, the blood pregnancy tests are far more accurate, sensitive, as compare to hCG level. Again, a good time to take a test would be several days late.


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What is the best time to take a test?


There is a big debate on the time of the pregnancy test similar to the day of the pregnancy test. As per the experts, pregnancy tests will be the most accurate if taken in the morning, on your first pee.


just like all other urine tests, you are supposed to drink more water than usual. Doing so can dilute your urine, alter results and make it more likely to get to see false-positives on the test.


If you see a negative result or observe false positives, you can repeat the test.


How to prevent a false negative result:


The most common cause of a false negative test is taking the test too early after you conceive. Another common cause of, if you don’t follow the test instructions carefully, it could affect your result.


Urine, women who drink lots of water, should still yield a positive result. But it shouldn’t be diluted with any substance before going for a test. A good time to take the test is in the morning when you first wake up.


If a test is negative in a woman who suspects she’s pregnant or if she has irregular cycles, she should repeat the test in one week.




Here we have discussed when is the best time to take a pregnancy test and what is the best way to get a pregnancy test. One should check it from the home pregnancy test and after confirmation or after the positive test you should consult the doctor for further process.


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