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Bronchoscopy is performed by a qualified or experienced pulmonologist. If we are talking about the procedure, then a thin tube is passed through your mouth, nose, and down your throat to reach your lungs. Cases can be there where the bleeding in the patient lungs and other places can take happen and is cured in the same process. This is done through Bronchoscope.


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It is made of a flexible fiber-optic material and it has a light source and a camera on the end. This is also needed to find the other cause of a lung problem. If you have any problem like a persistent cough or an abnormal chest X-ray then your doctor will suggest you for bronchoscopy.


What is the Procedure for Bronchoscopy?




There are cases where the patients are awake during the procedure, then the doctor will recommend a local anaesthetic into the nose and throat to numb the area. Many other people also take a drug to help them relax.


After the anesthetic, a doctor will usually insert a flexible bronchoscope tube in the patient nose and throat and into the bronchi. When a tube moves into the patient lungs, then they feel a pressing or tugging sensation.


Some patients have initially a cough or gag, but this usually subsides rapidly. If the patient has a problem in breathing then the doctor will also suggest oxygen throughout the procedure may to aid breathing.



It is a medical instrument, bronchoscope has light and camera. It helps the doctor to see on the monitor the airways more clearly helping them to perform the surgery well.


It is a very advanced procedure but in some cases, the doctor also needs to insert a stent or take a biopsy. They can pass brushes, needles, and other instruments through a channel in the bronchoscope. This stent is also a small tube and it helps to keep choked or narrow airways open.


All the treatment procedure is properly followed by the doctor team. In some exceptions, they recommend sprays the solution through the airways. This process is called bronchial washing, or lavage, to collect the cells and fluids from the lungs. And after this sample, a doctor will examine them under the microscope. Bronchoscopy is a surgical procedure you don’t need to worry about it.


During this procedure, the doctor will also recommend an ultrasound. This is done to help a clear picture of the patient’s lymph nodes and tissues to know the exact condition around the lungs. When the procedure is done when a doctor will check the airways, and remove the bronchoscope. In few cases, a patient will return home on the day of the procedure.


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How many types of imaging are used in a bronchoscopy?



Bronchoscopy was usually done by the doctor and it helps to find the cause of a lung problem or infection. We have the most advanced and modern technology that helps to get a detailed picture of the patient lungs. There are three types of imaging used in a bronchoscopy:


Endobronchial ultrasound: During this procedure, the doctor uses an ultrasound probe attached to a bronchoscope to see the patient’s airways.


Fluorescence bronchoscopy: In this procedure, the doctor uses a fluorescent light and that is attached to the bronchoscope to see the inside of your lungs.


Virtual bronchoscopy: In this procedure, the doctor uses CT scans to see the patient’s airways in a more detailed way so that they can easily analyze the actual condition of the patient lungs.




Bronchoscopy recommended by the doctor when they will closely examine the patient’s health. There is also another cause when a doctor will refer to this procedure but it always related to the lungs. Before the treatment doctor will also check the past medical history of the patients and then they will decide it required or not.


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