Cataracts: Symptoms, Causes, Types, and Treatment

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Our vision is the most valuable asset of our body and compromising it is unimaginable to do. Cataracts are the severe condition which has been the core reason for causing blindness to over 20 million people worldwide every year.


If we look into the facts, Blindness from cataracts occurs in about 10 to 40 per 100,000 children in the developing world, and 1 to 4 per 100,000 children in the developed world. These figures are horrendous so in order to avoid cataracts and its risks, we must learn every aspect with the help of the below article.


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What is Cataract?


Cataract is a condition of the eye where a white membrane appears on the surface of the eyeball. This white substance appearing is called clouding of the eye as it becomes extremely difficult to see things.


Just imagine, sitting behind a window pane and watching the world beneath the frosty glass, that is exactly how the vision for a person suffering from cataract becomes.


This condition is caused due to the formation of protein over the eye lens which makes it difficult for the light to pass and eventually the vision of the person is compromised.


Whereas, if a person is able to detect the early symptoms and sign, the cataract becomes curable with the help of an eye professional or doctor.




What are the Symptoms of Cataract?


Fortunately, there are a few many symptoms encountered by the suffering as the first thing a person can’t ignore is difficulty in vision. Whereas, at the initial state it is unfeasible to detect symptoms of cataract as it has a very minor impact on the eyes.

  • Clouded, blurred or dim vision
  • A difficulty with vision at night
  • Difficulty in reading and other activities
  • Sensitivity to light and glare
  • Fading or yellowing of colors
  • Double vision in the affected single eye
  • Encountering halos around lights




What are the Causes of Cataract?


There are many factors that are held responsible for causing the cataract to a person.


1. Age: As we grow our lens protein begins to denature and degrade which gives a boost to this ailment to increase whereas many environmental factors like radiation, UV rays and toxins promotes this ailment.


2. Trauma: It is believed that swelling, thickening, and whitening of the lens fibers is caused due to blunt trauma. The swelling and thickening cure itself with the time but the whitening remains for a long time until treated.


3. Genetics: The genes which are transmitted from parents to offsprings and so on are the crucial reason behind the transmission of this condition.


4. Radiation: There many radiations like UV or Xray which have the capability of destroying lens cells which arouses the condition of cataracts.


5. Skin Diseases: People with atopic dermatitis and eczema are more likely to fall under the risks of this eye condition.


6. Smoking and Alcohol: It is proven that smoking and alcoholism doubles the rate of nuclear sclerotic cataracts and triple the rate of posterior subcapsular cataracts.


7. Inadequate vitamin C: Vitamin C is extremely crucial for your eyes. Hence, deficiency of vitamin C causes this condition to arouse.


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What are the Types of Cataracts?


This cloudy lens problem can strike you during multiple cases, when you are aged, injured or in trauma or in case of any disease. These many causes of this disease make it classified into multiple categories according to its severity and position.


1. Nuclear cataracts: It affects the center part of the eye lens due to which the nucleus or the center of the eye becomes yellow or brown.


2. Cortical cataracts: This condition causes wedge-shaped formation in the eyes.


3. Posterior capsular cataracts: This condition causes the back portion of the eyes affected the most and is faster than the aforementioned two kinds.


4. Congenital cataracts: This kind is present during the birth of the child or at the early age. Hence, it has no age-related factor tagged along with it.


5. Secondary cataracts: This one occurs due to the presence of disease like glaucoma and diabetes and consumption of medications that involves steroids.


6. Traumatic cataracts: It is generally occurred due to an injury to the eye and it is a slow occurring condition.


7. Radiation cataracts: As the name states, this condition is caused due to the harm caused by radiations. These radiations can be from natural mediums or artificial.




What is the Treatment for Cataracts?


To conduct the diagnosis, the doctor will analyze the signs and symptoms of checking the severity of the condition.


In case of primary condition, the doctor will recommend high power glasses and medications for eliminating the symptoms.


If the condition doesn’t improve or case is critical, the doctor recommends surgical measures which involve removal of the clouded lens and replacing it with an artificial clear lens.


There are situations where the artificial lens is not suited to the person so, after the removal of the clouded lens, high power glasses are recommended as a solution.


There are many careful steps and precautions taken before and after the surgery which must be learned by the specialist.





Cataract is a critical condition which can even make your vision to be compromised entirely so eating healthy vitamin-rich food and staying away from harmful substances like cigarettes, alcohol, and radiations.


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