Complications of Diabetes: How Uncontrolled Affects your Organs

Sonali Kapoor

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Do diabetes creates major complications? Yes, in some cases it creates major complications that prominently affect the organs. It usually happens when your body does not produce sufficient insulin or does not use it efficiently. Today we are discussing some major complications of diabetes which affect your organs badly.


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What is Diabetes?


Diabetes is a serious health condition when your blood glucose level is too high. Blood glucose is the main source of energy and it comes from the food we eat. Insulin is a hormone which is made by the pancreas, and it helps to make glucose from the food.



What are the Complications of Diabetes?


People with diabetes have an increasingly higher risk of developing a number of serious health problems. Continually high blood glucose levels can lead to serious diseases, it majorly affects the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys, nerves, and teeth. Moreover, people with diabetes also have a higher risk of developing infections. Diabetes is the main cause of cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney failure, and lower limb amputation.



Maintaining blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol at or close to normal can help delay or prevent diabetes complications. Therefore people with diabetes need regular monitoring.



There are six major complications of diabetes :


Cardiovascular Disease


Affects the heart and blood vessels and may cause fatal complications like- coronary artery disease (leading to heart attack) and stroke. It is the most common cause of death in people with diabetes. Although, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood glucose, and other risk factors contribute to increasing the risk of cardiovascular complications. Learn more about diabetes and CVD.



Kidney Disease (Diabetic Nephropathy)


Kidney disease is caused by damage the small blood vessels in the kidneys leading to the kidneys becoming less efficient or to fail altogether. It is much more common in people who have diabetes than in those who don’t have diabetes. Maintain a normal level of blood glucose and blood pressure can greatly reduce the risk of kidney disease.



Nerve Disease (Diabetic Neuropathy)


Diabetes can cause damage to the nerves throughout the body when blood glucose and blood pressure are extremely high. This can lead to problems with digestion as well as erectile dysfunction and many other functions. The most commonly affected areas are the extremities, in particular, the feet.


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Damage nerve in these areas is called peripheral neuropathy and this can lead to pain, tingling, and loss of feeling. The feeling is particularly important because it can allow injuries to go unnoticed, leading to serious infections and possible amputations. People with diabetes carry a major risk of amputation which may be more than 25 times greater than that of people without diabetes.


However, with comprehensive management, a large number of amputations related to diabetes can be prevented. When amputation takes place, the remaining leg and the person’s life can be saved by good follow-up care from a multidisciplinary foot team. People with diabetes should regularly examine their feet.


Eye Disease (diabetic retinopathy)


Most of the people with diabetes will develop some form of eye disease (retinopathy) causing reduced vision or blindness. Continually high levels of blood glucose, together with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, are the main causes of retinopathy. It can be managed through regular eye check- up and keeping glucose and lipid levels at or close to normal.


Pregnancy Complications

Women with any type of diabetes during pregnancy are at the major risk of complications if they do not carefully examine and manage their condition. Possible organ damage to the fetus in women with type 1  or type 2 diabetes should achieve target glucose levels before conception. The women who have diabetes during pregnancy, type 1, type 2 or gestational should strive for target blood glucose levels throughout to minimize complications.


High blood glucose, while pregnancy put excess weight on the fetus. It can lead to problems in delivery, trauma to the child and mother, and a sudden drop in blood glucose for the child after birth. Children who bare high blood glucose for a long time in the womb are at higher risk of developing diabetes in the future.


Oral Complications

People with diabetes have a possible risk of inflammation of the gums if blood glucose is not properly managed. Periodontitis is a major cause of tooth loss and is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).


Regular oral check-ups should be confirmed to ensure early diagnosis, particularly among people with previously undiagnosed diabetes and prompt management of any oral complications in people with diabetes. Regular check-ups are important for the people who have to face some kind of symptoms like- swollen gums, bleeding while brushing.




Diabetes is a critical condition in which a person who has diabetes gets weak day by day and face some health problems like weight loss and loss of memory. In this article, we have mentioned some major complications of diabetes which affects the organs. If you face any of the above symptoms. visit the experienced and professional diabetologist in order to treat diabetes.


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