Keep The Coronavirus And Your Kids Away, Read How To Do That

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

Coronavirus has spread enough stress all over the world. It started in China but took a toll on every continent and country. It is a respiratory condition but can have symptoms like the flu or influenza. Let us give you a heads up of Coronavirus and your kids. You have to take some extra care of your kids, for a reason that they are more prone to the virus. It is because they come under the most vulnerable to the virus.


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What is the point of Coronavirus and your kid?


Kids in general to age have a really weak immune system. We just want to remind you, that the entire point is immunity. Kids seem to not take care of what they eat, where they play and most important about the dirt around them. This makes it important and also difficult. Now, when your kid is going to school or daycare, you are always in the tension of what is to be done. So, hence coronavirus and your kid have connections.


What must be done to avoid Coronavirus and your kids threat?


We have a couple of suggestions for you, here are some of the suggestions you can very well use to help stay safe and keep your kid safe too.


1) Make sure they eat well


Building immunity at the last minute is not possible and we know that. Yet, giving them good enough food and nutrition can save from a worse or high dose of the virus affecting them. To boost their immunity and keep Coronavirus and your kid away from each other, you must pack their lunchboxes with good nutrition.


2) Get them to follow some good habits


Washing hands, using masks and making sure they use sanitizers, are some good habits that can keep Coronavirus and your kid away from each other. This may also help to protect them from any further flu and influenza affecting them.


3) Avoid buying the exported goodies


Survival of the virus on the surfaces is a rare condition. However, we would still advise avoiding any such contact. China, the place which had to go through the worst toll, is an exporter of everything, one of the biggest is toys. It is suggested to help your kid go less crazy about toys for a while.


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4) Cover while sneezing or coughing


If your kid is sick and might have a cold and cough. Train them to be vigilant and attentive. Coronavirus and your kid have a thin line when crossed can be trouble.

Covering mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing are basic etiquettes that everybody is familiar with. Keep in mind to use tissues while sneezing or coughing. You can use your sleeves as a cover but avoid direct hands cover.


5) Avoid close contact in school and daycares


China isn’t the only country to suspend schools during the coronavirus outbreak. Japan and Italy have suspended classes as the disease continues to spread; several United States schools have made the independent decision to close as their student bodies report the illness.


Hence you see, that we are more interested in taking care of the children at this hour.


Coronavirus and your kids are not best friends and we do not want them to be best friends either. Hence, taking care of the younger ones is a responsibility.


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