Latest on Coronavirus: Indian heave a sigh of relief

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India, for now, can heave a sigh of relief as novel coronavirus has not been detected in India yet, said Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, on Tuesday. He said the government is in constant touch with the Chinese government for the safe return of around 500 Indian nationals stuck in the neighboring country.


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There is no need to panic said Vardhan in his statement, “I request all people of the country not to panic as novel coronavirus has not come to India. We are cautioned and making all proactive preventive measures to keep our people safe. Anybody who is showing slight symptoms of flu is being kept under isolation.


This does not mean that they are a case of coronavirus. These are just suspected ones and should be quarantined for some time for medical care. We are sending all suspected cases to the national institute of virology, Pune for testing. And so far all the results have come negative.”


He added, “Three suspected coronavirus cases at RML hospital, are kept in isolation for prevention and medical care. They are not the case of nCoV so far. Our government is vigilant and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking regular updates on the situation. All states have been directed to follow the instructions to be prepared. In 2014, we were so strict and focused that our efforts did not let Ebola virus to enter India. I am also in regular touch with WHO.”


“There is an expansion of the thermal screening facility to about seven more airports, which was in 13 airports before. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has been directed to do so. Awareness announcements are being done at the airports and signages have been put,” the minister said.


Also, “We are also going to extend the laboratory testing facility to four more laboratories across the country. As of now, only NIV, Pune was doing testing of the samples. About 20 samples we have community level and sent to NIV Pune, but all the samples were found negative.”


As for any query, support, and assistance regarding coronavirus a control room at the national level with phone number 011-23978046 has been set up.


The health minister said, “To avoid any kind of health condition, I request all people of this country to follow the high standard of hand hygiene, do not go in crowded places, wear masks if you feel sick and contact your nearest doctor.”


China’s death toll at 132 and over 5,900 coronavirus cases confirmed in China.


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