Novel Coronavirus now in India; Kerala reported its first case

Anju Bisht

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The Novel Coronavirus first confirmed case reported in Kerala, India. The infected person is from Kerala and a student at Wuhan University, China.


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In the Press Information Bureau (PIB) of India’s statement, “The patient has tested positive for novel coronavirus and is in isolation in the hospital. The patient is stable and is being closely monitored.”



KK Shailaja Kerala Health Minister called a meeting to take stock of the situation. A meeting with the health secretary and other officials from the Directorate of Health Services.


Health authorities in India with a protective measure have put many people under medical observation. The thermal screening facility has been expended, which is now with 20 airports for people coming from China.


Dr. Harsh Vardhan Health Minister said, “Even before the first confirmed case, we were doing our best to ensure diagnosis and then to treat it if any positive cases of Coronavirus arise.” Further, he said the first confirmed case of the diseases in India will be officially released soon.


The never-seen-before nCOV, which originally started in China has now spread to a dozen countries. Besides, China’s death toll has leaped to 170 with more than 1,700 new infections confirmed.


It’s better to protect yourself beforehand as the cure for nCOV is yet to be found. We have already shared ways to prevent the new coronavirus. We will continue to share the latest updates on the novel coronavirus so stay in touch. Till then stay safe and stay healthy.


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