Dietary Myths During Pregnancy Which are Not Really True!

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Motherhood is like a bonus in a woman’s life and the start of a new phase. Pregnancy is that time of life where a woman is going the most critical yet such a beautiful phase. It is the responsibility of everyone to take care of her and the unborn. It is her responsibility as well to take care of herself, as she is most vulnerable to many critical and chronic health conditions. At the same time, the excitement rules out the myths that women follow during this period. We have had enough cases where dietary myths during pregnancy have caused discomfort for women.


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What are the Dietary Myths During Pregnancy?


1) Eat Too Much


No my ladies! You do not have to stuff yourself. You have to eat, and eat healthily. While everyone is busy pushing down food in your throat, they are unaware of it and it is not necessary. The myth of “eat for two” is incorrect.


2) Eat Light-colored Foods Ret a Fair Baby:


One of the most bizarre of all the dietary myths during pregnancy is eating light-colored food. Do not fall for it. It does not have any effect but what makes a difference is good nutrition. Skin color is genetic and no food can change this.


3) Miscarriage Foods:


Ever heard someone not allowing you to eat Pineapples and Papayas when you are pregnant? Well, yes this is a myth as well. It is thought that they would lead to miscarriage. There are no documented cases of miscarriage from eating these fruits and food. Miscarriages normally occur due to infections or certain medical conditions. Eating healthy and well-balanced meals with food from all four groups — protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and healthy fat is necessary. However, we would suggest to consult your doctor and avoid the two mentioned fruits in the early trimesters of pregnancy.


4) Too Much Fat is Good:


Have you not heard that too much of anything is bad? And definitely too much fat is never good for your body. It just adds to the post-pregnancy fat. This has nothing to do with the baby. A balanced diet with a little care is all you need.


5) Enough of Full Cream and Avoid Low-Fat Milk:


It is a myth, that full cream milk is a better choice because it has more nutrition. Sorry young ladies! It is a dietary myth during pregnancy as there is no such proof. The only thing that is too much in full cream is fat. Hence, low-fat milk is suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mums.


We hope that a quick insight over the dietary myths during pregnancy has helped you make a better decision during this special time. Make sure that your kid is healthy. Take good care of regular checkups during this period of life. Get your diet plans consulted only on our website.


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