Success… Having a Healthy Baby With Diabetes

“Ever since I got married, my mother was always worried and said, ” You should think twice about becoming a mother “.


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Hi, I am Somali, a housewife, and a blogger. At the age of 23, I got to know that I have Type 1 diabetes. 2 years after our marriage we discussed the baby. When we were ready to start a family, I talked to my endocrinologist and after doing my medical examination.


The doctor gave us the green signal. In the beginning, I was certain I would maintain an HbA1C of 6 percent or lower for my entire pregnancy, and I would give completely natural birth.


Not surprisingly, that took a huge amount of effort. I tracked my glucose levels with a continuous glucose monitor, showed reports of blood sugar readings to my endocrinologist each week for suggested adjustments for my treatment, and kept my pregnancy craving in check.


“You always hear, ‘Oh, when you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two,’”. But a pregnant lady needs only 300 to 500 calories extra on a daily basis. It’s not too much. It ensured that my blood sugar remained in control during delivery.


My HbA1C floated around 5 percent over the entire duration of pregnancy, and I was able to give birth without drugs. On October 31, 2016, I gave birth to a 2.5 kg baby girl, who we named Vani.


I have the funniest and cutest child i.e Vani and for a diabetic mother, this is a dream fulfilled.


Success… Having a Healthy Baby With Diabetes


“But I worked my butt off to make sure everything went well.” I was conscious about my diet or a daily exercise routine and try to maintain a happy state of mind.

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