Facts About Insulin For Diabetes, You Need To Read

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Just like bread and butter are important for a good full meal. So is the combination of insulin and diabetes patients. Facts about insulin for diabetes hence becomes very important to understand. There are so many myths, so many “incorrect” information that is moving around. So, we have decided that you must know more and more about it.


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What is Insulin? Why do we need it?


Insulin is a hormone that plays an important role to control your blood sugar level. It is a natural hormone that is produced by the pancreas and lowers the glucose level in the body. But the individuals who are dealing with diabetes are not able to produce insulin. To maintain the blood sugar level these persons need to take insulin supplements that are injected in the body via syringe or pen. Here, let’s explore the ways to safe and effective use of insulin.


Facts about insulin for diabetes which you should know!


A must to know are the facts about how to use it. Safe ways to use it. Also, you must know the types of it.


1) Safe and Effective Use of Insulin


Insulin is a hormone that is used for lowering the glucose level by some people with diabetes to control their blood sugar. People who are dealing with type 1 diabetes use supplemental insulin to increase the amount of insulin that is not produced by the body. Individuals who are dealing with type 2 diabetes can need to take insulin if they are not able to maintain sufficient blood sugar control with the help of other medications.


Insulin is manufactured to be the same as the insulin hormone which is the process by the human pancreas. These artificial insulins can work from a few hours to a whole day. They are generally injected through a needle or pin.


2) Insulin and Diabetes


It helps to control your blood glucose levels by indicating the muscle and liver as well as the fat cells to take in glucose from the blood. Insulin takes help from cells to take in glucose to be used for energy. If the body has enough energy, insulin signals the liver to take the glucose up and store it as glycogen.


The liver can store up to almost 5% of its mass as glycogen. Is that fact about Insulin for diabetes not interesting? Some cells in the body can take glucose from the blood cells without insulin, but most cells do require insulin to be present.


3) Storage of Insulin


Insulins are temperature sensitive to either it is too high or too low. While receiving your insulin prescription, you should store all the insulin that you’ve received in the refrigerator. Once you open a new vial or pen, note down the date when you opened it right on the packaging. This will help you remember when to stop using it. Throw the insulin away 28 days after opening it.


Once you open a vial, keep it stored in the fridge or at room temperature. Be aware that injecting refrigerated insulin may be painful. Keep an insulin pen refrigerated until you open it; after that, you can store it at room temperature.


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4) Types of Insulin for Diabetes Treatment

If you want to know facts about Insulin for diabetes, then you must know the types. We have options that you might not be aware of. You know that there is something like insulin, but you might not know. Hence, it becomes important to know the type and use it as per your requirement.



Regular (short-acting)



Ultra long-acting


5) Insulin Therapy isn’t a Cure for Diabetes


Contrary to the popular notion, insulin therapy is not the end of the road for the diabetic. Of course, insulin therapy needs to be continued once started but can be safely prolonged for years. It is a natural approach for treating diabetes but it cannot provide a cure for the disorder. A must facts about Insulin for diabetes we would want our customers to know.


6) Insulin Injections Aren’t Painful Anymore


There is a general belief that insulin injection is painful. Moreover, smart delivery systems like insulin pen with microneedle system with minimal poking injury, insulin patches that adhered to the skin for transdermal delivery of the hormone have eased the process of insulin intake during the recent years. We hope those who have been scared of injection would love to see facts about insulin for diabetes.


Facts about insulin for diabetes play the exact role, like how the recipe to make a dish does. You can book appointments with a doctor nearby who can help you manage your diabetes well! For more information on this, you can always visit our website.



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