Health Benefits of Paleolithic Diet‬‬

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As we all know that there are several health benefits of palaeolithic diet such as taking the diet help in improving the levels of cardiovascular risk factors, helps in diabetes, and it helps in weight loss.


People usually follow the palaeolithic diet who are basically facing obesity, food addiction, food sensitivities, and sugar or carb cravings.


Health Benefits of Paleolithic Diet‬‬:


The palaeolithic diet (also known as the paleo diet, stone-age diet or caveman diet) is a type of fad diet needing the predominant consumption of foods considered to have been the only foods consumed by humans during the Paleolithic era.


There are the wide variabilities in the way the Paleo diet provide health benefits such as it includes vegetables, nuts, roots, fruits, and meat while excluding foods like dairy products, grains, legumes, sugar, processed oils, salt, coffee or alcohol.


Foods Included in the Paleolithic Diet:


  • The diet usually includes foods that in the raw and natural state, that is they can be taken as raw forms also.
  • All types of processed foods should be avoided in the diet, the person should continue eating foods in their natural and whole state as much as possible. People Also Like: 11 Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated
  • Meats of all kinds including chicken, beef, turkey, buffalo or bison, duck, lamb, pheasant etc. can be included in the diet, but all meat should be organic and unprocessed.
  • Fish should be wild Alaskan but not farmed.
  • Eggs that are free-range or cage-free, but not fed genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Nuts of all kinds can be included in the diet.
  • All kind of seeds can be included in the diet.
  • Fruits of all kinds are good for the diet because fruits are lower on the glycemic index such as berries, dried fruits contain high sugar level, so they should be limited.
  • Small amounts of honey are also considered best for the diet.


Foods Not Included in the Paleolithic Diet:


  • Avoid taking all types of sugar such as organic sugar, organic cane juice, maple sugar, and evaporated cane juice.
  • Avoid taking artificial sweeteners.
  • No caffeine should not be added to the diet.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Avoid the consumption of chocolate.
  • No additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours, and nitrates can be taken in the diet.
  • No dairy products can be taken in the diet.
  • Avoid peanuts because these are the legume, not a nut.
  • No pesticides or herbicides can be included in the diet.


Health Effects of Paleolithic Diet:

  • Several types of research reveal that the diet is not so effective in weight loss effects.
  • Side effects among participants of the diet include weakness, headaches, and diarrhoea. People Also Read: Gastritis Diet


Does Paleo Help You to Lose Weight?


Paleodiet can help you to lose weight. It’s high in protein, low in carbs, may reduce appetite and eliminates highly processed foods and added sugar. If you don’t like counting calories, evidence suggests the paleo diet could be a great option.



What Happens to Your Body When You Start Paleo?

When you start the Paleo diet, you may notice some strong cravings. That’s because your body is searching for its primary fuel source, which is glucose. You’ll be eating “a high-protein diet, which has been shown to decrease calorie intake, reduce appetite and cravings, and boost metabolism.


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