Menangle Virus: Overview, Infection, Symptoms, and Prevention

Vaibhav Saxena

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The word ‘virus’ only is enough to arouse thoughts in our mind of dysfunction, diseases, and contamination, so why don’t we try to stay cautious and alert of the harmful consequences of them! Menangle virus is one highly dangerous microbe that can single-handedly cause severe infection rapidly.


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What is Menangle Virus?


This virus was entitled ‘Menangle Virus’ due to its occurrence. It was first found in 1997 in a commercial farm of pigs in Menangle near Sydney, NSW, Australia.


People living in the local region reported cases of severe illness and flu-like disease which was recovered eventually. Also, newborn piglets in that region faced chronic conditions like stillbirth and deformities like congenital disorder.


The origin of this virus is considered to be the bat-borne as well, like Nipah Virus or Hendra Virus.


The menangle virus falls under the same category of paramyxoviruses, it has an envelope, negative sense ssRNA, and pleomorphic, proteins (HN and fusion) which thrive from the surface as thorn like structure that help the virus to penetrate into the cells of prey.


It is believed that fruit bats or flying foxes are the natural hosts of this deadly virus, and the pigs were exposed to these species of bats and caught the infection. Whereas, the humans must have carried it from pigs through their boots, clothes or hands.




What is Menangle Virus Infection?


The virus falls under the same genus family of Henipaviruses Hendra and Nipah, hence the effect of the virus is also similar to the aforementioned.


The infection is highly contagious and fruit bats are considered the reservoir for this virus. The infection easily acquired the farm and domestic animals like pigs, dogs, horses, cats and other cattle animals and later human beings. The infection in humans feels like influenza-like illness.


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What are the Symptoms for Menangle Virus?


The effect of this virus differs in animals and human beings. In humans, the virus doesn’t give a chronic impact whereas few criticalities can be easily observed.


The infected person will definitely reflect some symptoms fever, chills, drenching sweats, malaise, a headache, and red spotty rash which can last to an extent of 10-14 days easily.


Whereas in case of pigs, chronicity increases as symptoms like the deformity in newborn piglets and stillborn fetuses can be detected easily. Early symptoms are the reduction in litter size and conception rate in pigs.




What are the Prevention and Treatment Measures for Menangle Virus?


There are not many control measures against this fatal virus established until now. Also, there is no such vaccination or dosage to protect you from getting infected by this disease whereas there some steps you can take to stay cautious and secure. Hygiene is considered to be the best solution to tackle this virus.


Begin with washing your hands and legs after getting exposed to farm animals or bats, keep your farm animals especially pigs under surveillance and cages to keep them away from getting exposed to bats.





The impact of menangle virus has not occurred on a large scale yet is a fatal infection so staying cautious from this infection is a great way of staying healthy and happy in life. Also, try to keep the farm animals away from getting in contact with bats.


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