Prediabetes Diet: Know What Should Go on the Plate

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Do you know what might happen if you attack those laddoos and barfis? A condition of prediabetes or generally also known as borderline diabetes. It is necessary to recognize different aspects of prediabetes so that it does not become fatal. Here is the prediabetes diet which can help you prevent the situation altogether. The best diabetologist near me consider this type of diabetes as a stage where the body becomes highly resistant to insulin. Your savior of prediabetes diet is here to save you from prediabetes.


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What Should You Eat in a Prediabetes Diet?


Diet can make a lot of changes that you would not believe it can do wonders in your health status. Look at these food items on your plate.


Bell Peppers:


Do you love making your plate look beautiful? Hurray! We support you here. Add enough bell peppers on your plate. If you think citrus fruits contain the most Vitamin C among fruit and vegetable then you should think again. Red bell peppers contain twice vitamin C than any citrus fruit. They’re also a rich source of beta carotene, which helps to boost your immune system.




Love the smell of roasted yummy garlic? Garlic is one of the favorite food worldwide. Garlic is food that helps to boost the immune system. It helps sugar level balance and anti-inflammatory properties help you to get through your prediabetic conditions. So, thank us for the prediabetes diet.


Low carbs:


Lesser carbs are necessary to maintain the weight. We all know that increased weight results in vulnerability to diabetic conditions in your body.




All beans are high in fiber, it helps you feel fuller longer, thus controlling hunger. Having legumes and beans has also been linked with various other health benefits. The most important being the balance of your blood sugar levels.


Egg whites:


Your favorite sunny side is a yes yes in the prediabetes diet! Eggs are the best food it gives you energy and is also good for maintaining a healthy weight. They are rich in protein, fats, and vital nutrients, like- choline & vitamin D. A high protein breakfast will help you to get through your prediabetes diet.


Less Sugar:


Keep control over your sweet tooth and try to substitute it with other things in your diet. Regular consumption is hazardous.


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What Not to Eat in Your Prediabetes Diet?


While you now know the things you should see on your plate, here are some which should not be there.


High Cholesterol:


Food with higher cholesterol will lead to an increase in your weight. This will further push your sugar levels to an extent that will make you vulnerable to type 2.


Oily and Fried food:


You know how bad those extra fats can be. Not just for your weight management but also in case you are prediabetic.


Potatoes and Beetroot:


High carbs in the potato will lead to increased weight. At the same time, the glycemic index of Beetroot is high which makes it a complete No veggie on the plate.


Prediabetes Diet is not that hard to follow. You have to make sure that you keep some really important points in mind. We have an entire team of amazing doctors who would guide you through your diabetic journey.


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