Root Canal Therapy: Overview, Procedure, and Preventions

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Root canal therapy is the most worried dental procedure of all. The root canals have been characterized as being unbearable and excruciating. Notwithstanding this stigma, root canal therapy is actually a pain-free, relatively comfortable, and quick procedure. It relieves the pain and can prevent more complicated oral issues of a patient.


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Root Canal Therapy: Overview, Procedure, and Preventions




What is a Root Canal?


To be very specific, a root canal is a medical term used to describe the natural cavity in the center of a tooth. The root canal contains a soft area called the pulp chamber having nerves. If the root canal area becomes infected or irritated due to cavities, injury or decay, then root canal therapy is necessary. If these infected canals left untreated, the infection can also cause an abscess, which can lead to swelling of the neck and face and bone loss around the roots of teeth.




What are the Symptoms of a Root Canal Problem?


Following are some of the following symptoms of a root canal problem including;


  • Severe tooth sensitivity and pain to cold and hot temperatures


  • Discoloring of tooth


  • Swollen and tender gums


  • A reoccurring pimple on the gums




What is the Procedure of Root Canal Therapy?


There are three necessary steps used in the root canal therapy including;


  • Cleaning the root canal


  • Filling the root canal


  • Adding a crown or filling


Root Canal Therapy: Overview, Procedure, and Preventions



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How Painful Is a Root Canal?


Several people think that root canal procedures are painful. Actually, most of the people report that the procedure has no more painful than having a filling placed on an infected tooth.




How Successful Are Root Canals?


The root canal treatment is highly successful; the procedure of root canal has more than a 90% success rate. Many teeth fixed with a root canal can also last for a lifetime.

This is because the final step of the root canal system is the application of a reconstruction like a crown or a filling; it will not be obvious to observers that a root canal was performed.


Root Canal Therapy: Overview, Procedure, and Preventions




What are the Preventions of Root Canal Infection?


To prevent infections, tooth, gum, and decay disease, a dentist recommend;


  • Brushing your teeth twice a day.


  • Using toothpaste that includes fluoride.


  • Using a suitable toothbrush for teeth cleaning and replacing it regularly


  • Going for regular dental cleanings and checkups.


  • Flossing to clean between the teeth as well as prevent the buildup up of plaque.


  • Avoid the intake of sugary drinks and foods while following a healthy diet.


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