Signs Of Depression: Did You Know These?

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What possibly could be worse than not liking to face the world and feeling caged all the time? Have you ever felt that? Have you known that something wrong, but cannot express what it actually is? It is a tough time when you are fighting depression and anxiety. We have always heard the saying “the happiest face hide the deepest sadness” and it is true, that people fighting depression have no option but to hide their sadness. It is time we let you know what can be signs of depression. Be clear, be aware and work on it.


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What is Depression?


It is not being sad. It is not being a whining person and no it is not complaining all the time. It is intense sadness including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless lasts for many days to weeks and keeps you from living your life, it may be something more than sadness. You could have clinical depression which is a treatable medical condition.


What are the Signs of Depression?


Initially, you might think it is normal, and you just had a bad day. But, then not all the days and months can be bad, right? Then definitely something is wrong, right? Here, look out for these signs.


1) Feeling Sad for Really Long:


You might feel bad about someone pointing out a mistake. But how long that could be? Minutes? an hour? then no, it is not a sign of depression. It is when you are constantly having sad and depressed feelings all along the day, every day.



2) Heavy Mornings:


While most of the depression patients have complained about their heavy mornings, sometimes it is natural. Again, unlike the common days like “Monday Blues,” if you feel that waking up is a horrible idea, you might be going through a condition. In such a case goes and consult a therapist.



3) Too Much Sleep:


We know that our relationship with our beds is the most cherished one. But then the excess of anything is bad. The time when you feel that there is no love between you and your bed but you still feel sleepy, there is something to worry about. This might be a sign of depression you are ignoring.


4) Feel Irritable and Restless:


You do not have a reason to be restless but you feel so, it might be a sign of depression. You get irritated with the most irritable points. It is time you see your doctor.


5) Emotional Eruptions:


You seem to cry for no reason, feel sad and happy in extreme ways. Yes, these are a sign of depression you have no idea about.


Signs of depression might not be the same for anyone. While some physical factors are common, like headaches and joint pain, it might not be there at all. While these symptoms are common, not everyone with depression will have the same ones. How severe they are, how often they happen, and how long they last can vary. To get an instant appointment or consultation regarding Depression treatment, you can contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9599004311) or email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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