An Overview of Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease

Somya Verma

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Previously we had discussed the initial stage of CKD. We will further continue the discussion of the next stages of CKD. Stage 2 Chronic Conditions has it’s won complexities and problems. We will discuss the signs and also the life expectancy of the person. You will be able to clear your head over this particular situation in a better way.


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How do we say that someone is suffering Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease?


One of the important tests to define this is the GFR test. When the GFR test of a person drops to the level of between 60-89%, then there are chances that they are suffering through Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease. We would mention it again, you hardly have symptoms of when and how your kidney is damaged.


Hence, we would recommend you to meet your doctor as soon as possible. Remember that prevention is better than cure.


What is the life expectancy of those suffering from Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease?


As mentioned by NephrCure Kidney International, 40-year-old men with stage 2 kidney disease can expect to live for 30 years after diagnosis, and 40-year-old women with stage 2 kidney disease can expect to live 34 years.


This, of course, can vary according to the lifestyles and ages of the patients. While there is no cure for Stage 2 CKD, patients can take steps to increase their long term survival rates.


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What could be the symptoms of Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease?


There are no specific symptoms that will tell you about stage 2 chronic kidney disease. However here are a few of them that can give you a little knowledge about what kind of symptoms you must see to go to a doctor.


  • There is more than normal levels of urea in the blood
  • Blood or protein found in the urine
  • Evidence of kidney damage in an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound or contrast X-ray
  • A family history of polycystic kidney disease (PKD)


Most of the cases of signs and clarity come in when these are tested for other conditions. One of them being diabetes as well. It has no visible effects as such to say if you are actually suffering from stage 2 chronic kidney disease.


What must be done to prevent stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease?


A healthy lifestyle is a key to perfect health these simple changes can make you healthy and fit. If you are dealing with chronic kidney disease, then it becomes more important for you. Here we are going to share some best and simple lifestyle changes to manage Stage 2 Chronic Kidney Disease.


  • Check your blood sugar levels all the time
  • Lose Excess Weight
  • A Balanced and Healthy Diet
  • Stop Smoking
  • Take Medicines as Prescribed


Stage 2 Chronic kidney disease is one of the diseases that can not be reversed but can control with proper medication and lifestyle changes. In the entire blog, we have discussed simple lifestyle changes to manage CKD, it may help you to live your life in a better manner. But never forget your visit to the doctor and for better treatment go for the second opinion.


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