Stay Healthy During Winter With 9 Super Tips

Anju Bisht

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Now that winters are here, let’s shake off those winter blues this winter season. Short days and cold weather are making you hibernate! It looks difficult to convince oneself to stay healthy during winter. Regardless, keep your health in well-state with healthy eating and getting physical activities done in a day.


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Various researches and studies have shown the prominence of a weakened immune system, strep, stomach viruses, cold, and flu in cold weather. Still, you can prevent the previously mentioned illness this winter month. Here you go with some health tips to stay healthy during winters.


9 Super Tips to Stay Healthy During Winter:



1. Stand Up To Your Cravings:


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These winter months add fuel to our cravings for more carbs and comfort foods. Confused? Well, when you take those carbs your serotonin levels rise and make your brain think you are happy. And you end up getting your cravings stronger.

To overcome this, you better get a protein-packed breakfast. Further deal with your cravings with healthy and low-fat snacks.



2. Shake Hand with Fibers:



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Do you know soluble fiber can boost your immune system? Eating more fibers is the most important winter tip. Apples, oats, and nuts are a good source of Soluble fiber. It helps to reduce weight, cholesterol level and act as defensive sealed against diabetes.


3. Go Green:


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Oh! Don’t take it wrong, what I meant was to add green veggies and fresh fruits to your diet. Having a complete diet with dark green vegetables and fruits ensures that you’re getting what your body requires for staying healthy. There are plenty of fruits such as all leafy greens, beetroot, sweet potato, carrot, beans, walnuts, guava, apple, orange, and custard apple all are super healthy in winters.


4. Way to go Omega 3:


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Look for omega 3 fatty acids source during winters. There are types available as natural sources that include fish, plant seeds, and nuts. Above all, it helps to fight depression, which is common during winters.


5. Make Mushrooms Your Best friend:


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Well, most of you might not be familiar that mushroom has various health benefits to offer. They have a natural antibiotic that can fight with different types of illnesses. So, stock up your fridge with mushroom to stay healthy during winter.


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6. Spice Up:


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You know spices add beauty as well as taste to your food. But what you don’t know is that various spices fight conditions such as health diseases and inflammation. Onions, garlic, ginger, and turmeric are some spices that not only add flavor to your dishes but act as a powerful antioxidant.


7. Plan for Staying Active:


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With winters you may get off from your daily schedule of exercising. To stick with your exercising plan, plan your exercises ahead of time. Plan your schedule for a week and it would be better if you schedule it with your friend.


8. Bring Fitness Home:


International Yoga Day - Yoga as Preventive Medicine


It’s really funny how most of us even fear to come out from a blanket. In that scenario, who will dare to go out for workout? Oh come on, if you can’t go outside to workout then why not bring it indoor. There are abundant resources available over the internet that offer a variety of workouts that will be fun doing indoor.


9. Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands:


Clean hands protect against infection 11 Steps of Hand washing properly


It is very much known that most of us avoid washing hands frequently during winters. Know that washing hands can prevent you from developing flu and cold and even can protect your immune system.


Besides a decline in diet and workout, there are other threats to our health. When talking about a healthy life it includes our overall health both physical as well as mental. The concept of talking about this thing here is most people feel depressed during this month of the year. In general, we consider it a winter depression that affects our overall mental health.


So, stay healthy during winter by following a complete healthcare tip. If you find yourself stressed or sad, help yourself with these tips before it forms another shape;


1. Get your stress and tensed muscles relieved with the help of a sauna or steam room.

2. Calm your stress level and body tension by drinking herbal tea.

3. Give your body rest, longer and better sleeping hours. Try getting to bed early to give your body the required rest.

4. The best way to deal with anxiety, stress and all those winter blues is to start mediation and practicing relaxation techniques.


Let’s wind this up with a resolution to make this winter season a beautiful season with a dream of the summer sun. And ease all those winter blues and let the season boost the immunity up.


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