Work Emails May Price You on Your Mental Health And Relationship

Tanuja Bisht

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Believe it or not but we all are very much dependent on technology but the irony of technology isn’t lost on many. Yeah, we know that it saves us in lots of ways, but also binds us, ironically, in perhaps even more. If we are working people then it helps us by providing comfort like work from home or from the park.


In response to a late-night e-mail, you can earn points with your boss, but you do not do any favors at home, according to a new study.


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This should monitor emails working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can affect the mental health and well-being of employees and their partners, according to a study recently published in the periodical “Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.


Also, a new study by Virginia Tech looks at how to meet the expectation of work emails during work hours, which are related to anxiety and poor health and can even affect the quality of the relationships.


The researchers interviewed 142 full-time employees and their families about their organizations’ expectations for electronic communications. Couples also answered questions about their health, well-being, and satisfaction. About 100 managers of these people also responded to survey questions, adding conclusions to add to the expectations of the organization.


People who said they felt bound to check that professionals e-mails or work emails outside of traditional working hours, higher levels of anxiety and lower levels of report guarantees tended to, researchers found. This effect was independent of the amount of time actually devoted to keeping his people in his work accounts, suggesting that the mere anticipation of being online was enough to take their toll. Work emails also have an impact on mental health and relationship.


In addition, the effect on employees has not stopped. The partners of the people who should be online all day and the well-being reduces the relationship, health and satisfaction of the relationship, pointing to a resulting behavior “ripple effect,” according to the study.


Liuba Belkin, from the Lehigh University and co-author of the study, said in an e-mail in time the results of how companies should change technological expectations Address ideally Art.


People who just felt hope that the response of work emails outside of work hours was reported to be more stressful and more anxious in relationships and poorer health. As the team writes, concerns the “ubiquitous range of organizational expectations” people on many levels and not for the better.


A broader follow-up study confirmed the results and added another interesting dimension: partner satisfaction. Although the participants stated that they are not necessarily the lower quality of the relationship, if they clearly to others, suggesting that the pressure may also affect its available people with whom you live.





If you are also working in the corporate world, always remember that nothing is bigger then your health. Work emails are important but not always in your non-working hours.


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