Introducing Artificial Rain in Delhi To Reduce Air Pollution: Indian Government

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Governmental officials have released a news regarding the working of IIT Kanpur scientists to mitigate the hazardous health situation in Delhi-NCR region through the artificial rain over the national capital. This is the first time in India that the artificial rain would be performed over a big land mass to counter the damage done by air pollutants across Delhi.


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Delhi air pollution recently made global headlines due to the list of top 10 most-polluted places on the Earth. To be very specific India is the world’s second most polluted country, according to the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC). This has resulted in reducing average life by 10 years.

Introducing Artificial Rain in Delhi To Reduce Air Pollution: Indian Government

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According to a report in the Times of India, the idea of artificial rain in Delhi is expected to develop this week, scientists are just waiting for meteorological conditions to fall into the right place for the cloud seeding. In the study by the University of Chicago, it calculated the effect of air quality on life expectancy.


The air quality on the air quality life expectancy (AQLE) index is very low. While it’s obviously difficult to predict exactly when the atmospheric conditions will fall into the right place and the operation will take place.


Currently, the cloud-seeding technology is available in India and can only induce potential pre-existing clouds, hence the operation is getting delayed in launching operations. Well, the idea of using artificial rain in Delhi is to clear the toxic air in the capital and provide Delhiites with a much-needed respite.


In a statement, a senior official from the country’s central pollution watchdog CPCB, states that “The exact date and extent of seeding will depend on cloud formation. Scientists can, however, be ready within 24 hours of getting such a prediction. If we get enough clouds, scientists from IIT, Kanpur will go for seeding silver iodide and other chemical substances in the clouds to induce artificial rain in Delhi.


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What is Cloud Seeding for Artificial Rain in Delhi?


The cloud seeding is a process of combining different kinds of chemical agents including dry ice, silver iodide, and common table salt, with existing clouds in an effort to thicken them and improve the chance of rainfall.


The meteorologists are monitoring conditions to become favorable conditions for creating artificial rain in Delhi, which can be induced within 24 hours.


Introducing Artificial Rain in Delhi To Reduce Air Pollution: Indian Government

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Delhi air pollution was recorded very high on Tuesday due to slow wind speed and humidity.


According to the Central Pollution Control Board data, the overall air quality index was recorded by 352 which is very poor.


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