In Bareilly, 3,500 Cases of ‘Killer’ Malaria Detected

Divya Tripathi

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In Bareilly, A teams of 400 auxiliary nurse midwives (ANMs) to detect patients suffering from a “killer” malaria strain in the intensive “active case surveillance”. Around 3,500 cases of the deadly plasmodium falciparum (PF) malaria are reported in the last 20 days.


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By adding this, the total number of PF cases in Bareilly, between January 1 and September 9, are reported at 4,207. In the same duration of time, 21,887 people have also tested positive for PV (Plasmodium vivax) malaria strain.



CMO (Chief medical officer) Dr Vineet Shukla said, “Cases of PF malaria have increased in the past few days because we’ve been conducting massive active case surveillance, in which teams are holding camps in villages and testing fever patients. If any person tests positive for either PF or PV malaria, we immediately begin their treatment. Our aim is to end the parasite by diagnosing all cases.”



District malaria officer D R Singh told to the team of TOI, “Around 95% of total PF malaria cases were reported from Aonla sub-division, which includes Majhgavan, Bhamora, Ramnagar and Aonla health centres. The geographical area of PF cases has shrunk in comparison to last year. Majority of the cases are confined to Aonla sub-division. For instance, over 150 PF cases were reported from Meerganj in 2018, but this year, the number is 23.”



Total cases of 4,207 of PF in this year, most of the cases has been detected in Majhgavan, with 1,727, and Bhamora has around 1,662 cases. Though PV cases have been spread all across the district, the highest number of cases were also diagnosed in Majhgavan and Bhamora.



Extra beds have been deployed at the district hospital due to continuously rising of malaria and fever cases in Bareilly. Officials said they have arranged few beds in the old building of district women’s hospital, which will be opened for malaria patients soon.


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