Digital Health Care for Older Adults: Now Age is No Barrier

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Nowadays most of the people are able to easily manage their things with the help of digitalization especially older adults. In this busy lifestyle, older people play a major role may it be through volunteer work, transmitting experience and knowledge or even helping their families with responsibilities. Full participation of older persons brings tremendous benefits to all generations.


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As people reach old age, the risk of developing long term diseases is higher and it sometimes might also result in disability. This ends up in compromising their ability to lead an independent life. This further weakens their immune system making them more unprotected to diseases.



Dependence on others, cut off from social life and being neglected by family members further deteriorates their condition. In fact, chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer are predicted to be the main contributors as the major diseases in developing countries. There are several consultant physicians in Noida. Book appointments with our expert medical professionals to receive a suitable solution.





What are the Common Diseases that Happens to Older Adults?




Most common disease to older adults are:



1. Hormonal


Thyroid disorders, Mellitus impaired blood glucose level and Menopause.




2. Musculoskeletal



Osteoarthritis (inflammation of joints), Osteoporosis ( loss of bone ) and fractures.



3. Neurological



Dementia, Parkinson’s disease and poor vision or hearing loss of balance.




4. Oral



Loss of teeth, gum disease, poorly fitted dentures.




5. Visual



Cataracts, glaucoma complications of disease like – diabetes, hypertension.




6. General Disability



Due to fatigue, weight loss, side effects of medicines, sleep disorders.




The problem of old age should be seen as a societal issue rather than an individual’s problem. Someday, we will all be old and we will face a similar situation as faced by our elders today.




1. Our responsibility to acknowledge older people as a valuable resource



2. Understand their concerns



3. Make them feel loved and care



4. Providing sufficient health care services


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Note: Elder people face many more health issues due to the wear and tear caused to their bodies. To overcome these health issues, people often travel to India as a medical tourist and apply here for the best and affordable medical treatment in India.


Which Age Effects?



Older persons make wide-ranging contributions to economic and social development. However, discrimination and social exclusion persist. We must overcome this bias in order to ensure a socially and economically active, secure and healthy aging population.




If you are over 50-60, you must take proper care of yourself. Remember the following:



1. Understand your health care needs and get your preventive check-up done on a regular basis.



2. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. Eat a balanced diet rich of protein, vitamin, minerals and fibers.



3. Being overweight can cause some serious problems, to develop a moderate exercise routine which can help you to maintain strength, balance, and flexibility. Walking, yoga and meditation can be extremely helpful.



4. Avoid smoking and alcohol because it’s injurious to your health. In older adults, smoking affects health very badly.



5. Get adequate rest and avoid straining yourself physically.



6. Engage yourself in social and cultural activities. Enjoy yourself with your family and friends.



7. Do not discontinue your prescribed medicines unless advised by the doctor.







So, take advantages of the digital healthcare services provided by the GoMedii. These services include:




  • Save and analyze your health records in your health wallet



Hope, this article definitely helps you in improvising your health strategies and the best way to treat your health queries.


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