Poor Dental Health Increase Risk of High Blood Pressure: Study

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If you think a healthy lifestyle and diet plays an important role in your overall health then you are wrong. Besides these things, a dental health also plays a notable role in triggering high blood pressure.


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According to a new research from researchers from the University of L’Aquila in Italy, appeared in the periodical “American Heart Association’s Hypertension,” people with healthier gums have lower blood pressure as well as respond better to BP-lowering medications as compared with individuals who have periodontitis, a gum infection that infects gums and can damage the jawbone.


Poor Dental Health Increase Risk of High Blood Pressure: Study



The most important thing is poor dental health which is found to clash with high blood pressure in people with hypertension. Approximately, 20 percent less likely to reach the healthy blood pressure ranges as compared with patients in good oral health. The findings stressed that people with periodontal disease may warrant closer monitoring blood pressure.


For this researchers, examined that the dental and medical exam records of people with high blood pressure. They clearly assessed those people with periodontal disease, a disease related to gum infection that can be caused by a lack of thorough flossing and brushing, and people having a poor dental health to those with good oral health.


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After reviewing the results, researchers found that people with healthier gums had lower blood pressure as well as responded better to blood pressure-lowering medications as compared to the people with periodontal disease.


In a statement, Davide Pietropaoli, a post-doctoral student from the University of L’Aquila in Italy, “Physicians should pay close attention to patients’ oral health, particularly those receiving treatment for hypertension, and urge those with signs of periodontal disease to seek dental care. Likewise, dental health professionals should be aware that oral health is indispensable to overall physiological health, including cardiovascular status.”


The study concluded that the target blood pressure range for people with hypertension is less than 130/80 mmHg.


People with periodontitis disease or having poor dental health were found to have the systolic pressure that was, on average, 3 mmHg higher than people with good oral health.


Poor Dental Health Increase Risk of High Blood Pressure: Study



People with high blood pressure should be aware of the fact that good oral health is as important as a healthy lifestyle and diet in controlling the high blood pressure condition. A good oral health is also important as lifestyle interventions that are known to help control blood pressure like a low-salt diet, weight control, and regular exercise.


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