World Obesity Day 2018 (11th October)

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The World Obesity Day is celebrated every year on 11th of October, the day was launched back in 2015, in an effort to raise awareness regarding the growing problem of Obesity and other obesity-related diseases.


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The main goal of the World Obesity Day is to support and encourage practical solutions to healthy human weight and to maintain the healthy weight. Several efforts were also made on World Obesity Day such as sharing information regarding the benefits of eating a healthy diet, maintaining healthy body weight, and exercising regularly as well as encourage more people to share their experiences.



World Obesity Day 2018 (11th October)




What is the World Obesity Day 2018 Theme and Meaning?


This year the theme of World Obesity Day will focus on weight stigma. Stigma is one of the least accepted forms of discrimination. The World Obesity Day 2018 will lead the idea of challenging the weight stigma and stigmas related to obesity.


The main cause of this stigma of weight and obesity are the means of communication. The way in which obesity and being overweight have been described is the responsibility to reinforce negative and inaccurate stereotypes about body weight. This year, more emphasis is being placed on describing obesity informally, accurately and fairly.


Essentially, the weight stigma refers to the negative behavior and attitudes directed to individuals solely on the basis of their weight. This weight stigma has the ability to undermine the general health of the people.


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World Obesity Day 2018 (11th October)




What Can be Done to End this Weight Stigma on World Obesity Day 2018?


Weight stigma can be treated by changing the general attitude towards weight and obesity. Adjustments should be made in the language used to address obesity and overweight issues. For the World Obesity Day, we can have a general and widespread impact such as working collectively to raise awareness regarding obesity.


These goals can be achieved by increasing members’ involvement through anti-stigma campaigns. It is important to remember that overweight people should be treated with the same respect and empathy as others. Efforts should be made to help overweight people, to overcome the barriers associated with weight gain. This allows the overweight people to get the medical treatment they need for their health problem.


World Obesity Day 2018 (11th October)




In addition, on the World Obesity Day, it is important for healthcare providers to acknowledge the environmental factors that are responsible for obesity. This will help to improve the support and effectiveness in the treatment and diagnosis of obesity.


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