Top 9 Questions You Can Ask Your Doctor Before Planning a Pregnancy

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Do you know it is always better to consider a doctor before planning a pregnancy? Because a doctor can give right advice regarding pregnancy.

There are so many factors that affect your chances of conception such as your health and family medical history. If you have moving thoughts of becoming pregnant in the near future, then you must visit a doctor before planning a pregnancy.




Following Are The Questions That You Can Ask Your Doctor Before Planning a Pregnancy:

1. What is the correct age for pregnancy?

According to the old people, age is just a number. However, while you are trying to conceive, it can be a lot extra than that. A woman’s fertility gradually declines with age, particularly after 35, if you do turn out to be pregnant, older mothers face a better hazard of ectopic pregnancy, gestational diabetes, placenta previa, and stillbirth.



2. Past history of taking birth control pills?

In case you’ve been taking a medicinal drug (a birth control pill) to postpone menstruation or prevent being pregnant, it’s common that you will require a few months to get again heading in the right direction earlier than you could conceive. Discuss together with your doctor regarding any medicines you are on or have stopped taking, and the way long you need to count on before your cycle normalizes.


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3. What type of diet should I take?

If you count on to get pregnant inside the following couple of months, your weight loss program should reflect one in all a number equipped to hold an infant. The diet includes cutting out alcohol, tobacco and drug use, as well as unhealthy or binge ingesting. Ask your doctor, if any, prenatal nutrients you must begin taking.



4. In what type of environment should I live?

Consider your (and your partner’s) home and work environment when talking with your doctor. You’ll be setting yourself in conditions you did not comprehend could negatively affect thought, being pregnant and your child’s fitness. As an example, many materials common in a few workplaces can cause reproductive problems in men, in line with the facilities for disorder manage and prevention. Radiation, cigarettes, warmness and many chemical compounds are just some examples.



5. Should I do exercise?

Being under or overweight can affect your conception chances. Ask your doctor about good weight and how you can achieve and maintain that weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is a better chance for conception as well as help you to develop good habits to stay active during your pregnancy time. Talk to your doctor about your exercise routines that are right for you, and what physical activities you should avoid becoming pregnant.



6. What type of lifestyle should I follow?

You should also prepare emotionally and mentally for your pregnancy journey. If there are any lifestyle behaviors that could risk your goal, you must avoid them and talk about your doctor.



7. What is my ovulation process?

Knowing your ovulation is very important for you if you are trying to get pregnant. For a common woman, ovulation takes place at approximately day 14. Due to the fact that sperm can stay in a woman’s frame for 3 to five days, consistent with the mayo sanatorium, you will need to have intercourse about each different day across the time of your ovulation. Speak for your health practitioner approximately the usage of an ovulation calendar to tune your best times for idea.



8. What type of sexual intercourse do I to do before pregnancy?

Rumor has it that some sexual or intercourse positions are more likely to lead to pregnancy than others. While there may be no confirmed facts and will be a vintage other halves tale, you could nevertheless ask your medical doctor approximately how frequency and function affect sperm count and opportunity of theory.



9. What is the role of my partner in my pregnancy?

Your partner’s sexual, family, and medical history all play a part in your journey to parenthood. Your partner’s lifestyle behavior will also affect you and your pregnancy.





Above are some questions that are usually asked a doctor before planning a pregnancy. With the help of these questions, you can also make and manage your plans regarding pregnancy with your partner.


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