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Traveling to a different land for medical purposes includes a lot of question and answer sessions. It becomes even more important when you have been diagnosed with a condition. We at GoMedii International receive a number of inquiries regarding chronic kidney disease treatment in India.


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We have catered to a number of patients from countries like Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Oman regarding the same. If you too have your queries, drop in with signup now.


We must introduce you to what the condition is about. CKD or chronic kidney disease or chronic kidney failure is the condition where your kidney starts to lose its functionality gradually. Kidney plays a vital role to keep us healthy and fit, as it filters our blood and through the waste material out via urine.


What are the risks involved in that can lead to the treatment of CKD?


There are some of the risks that one must know which is related to CKD. This would help you to get better diagnosed and also help your treatment to be carried in a better way. There are two other conditions that are highly capable to make you prone to CKD. In case you need treatment for these two, you can also drop in your queries for the same.




Diabetes is one of the biggest risk factors of CKD and one of the most common causes of kidney failure. Being active, healthy diet and proper medication may help you to manage your diabetes and also help you to prevent health problems such as kidney damage.


High blood pressure


High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors of CKD, it increases your risk for chronic kidney disease and it can also lead to kidney failure. If you keep your blood pressure under control then it can prevent kidney disease, or help keep it from getting worse.


How do you get diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease treatment in India?


There are certain tests and procedures that medical experts in India will carry out in order to ensure that you are suffering from CKD or not. Here are some of those procedures:



Blood Tests: The simplest way to monitor kidney function is to obtain blood tests for BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and creatinine.


Urine Tests: One of the primary functions of the kidneys is to filter blood and remove waste products. Urine tests measure how well your kidney filters are working.


Measuring Kidney Function: The filtering function of the kidneys may be measured or estimated in several ways:


  • BUN and serum creatinine
  • GFR (glomerular filtration rate)
  • Creatinine clearance
  • eGFR (estimated GFR) determined by the MDRD equation


Imaging Tests: Various imaging tests can provide useful information about the kidneys with little or no discomfort and minimal risk to the patient. Various tests are;


  • Ultrasound
  • IVP
  • CAT scan (computed tomography)
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)


Kidney Biopsy: The procedure of obtaining and examining a small tissue sample from the kidney is called a kidney, or renal biopsy.


What are the treatment you will offer and the cost?


The cost of treatment in India is far less than most of the countries around the world. The reason why medical travelers prefer India as the destination. Some of the treatment options provided under the best hospitals in the country are as follows.


1. Dialysis


Dialysis is the artificial process of getting rid of waste (diffusion) and unwanted water (ultrafiltration) from the blood. This process is naturally done by our kidneys. Some people, however, may have failed or damaged kidneys which cannot carry out the function properly – they may need dialysis.


2. Kidney Transplant


Kidney transplantation is a surgical operation in which the surgeon places a healthy kidney from another person into your body. The donated kidney does the work that your two failed kidneys used to do.


The surgeon places the new kidney inside your lower abdomen and connects the artery and vein of the new kidney to your artery and vein. We have the best doctors and chain of hospitals where you can get yourself done with a kidney transplant in India. Sign up with GoMedii International to get all the quotes and queries!


As already mentioned that we are here to provide you with the quality of service you deserve. With our team working for your comfort at all times, you will not feel away from home. We ensure that the doctors and the medical staff are highly skilled and you are attended to 24/7.


We ease your work in terms of the Visa process and also later on documentation. A relationship manager is hired for your constant assistance, GoMedii is a holistic package and we are glad to be a part of your medical journey, so sign-up now.

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