What is the heart bypass surgery? – By Dr. Pradeep Nayak

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Bypass surgery (also called coronary artery bypass grafting or CABG) is a treatment for patients who are dealing with coronary artery disease. To understand it in easy words, when blood is unable to flow easily through the arteries of your heart, you may need to undergo bypass surgery.


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Why do we need heart bypass surgery?


Our heart is responsible for delivers oxygen throughout your body by pumping blood via your arteries. When your heart arteries are blocked, some of the portions of your heart may be deprived of oxygen and, if severe enough, the one can die. CABS involves placing artery and/or vein grafts around these blockages to improve the blood supply to your heart muscle.


Types of Heart Bypass Surgery


Coronary artery bypass grafting is normally an open-heart medical procedure, which implies that the specialist cuts the chest and open to arriving at the heart. The doctor would then be able to perform the procedure “on-pump” or “off-pump.”


On-pump surgery includes utilizing a heart-lung machine that circulates blood and relaxes for the body. The machine enables specialists to stop the heart, which makes the process simpler.


Off-pump surgery, also called “beating heart surgery,” happens while the heart is as yet pumping, however, it doesn’t utilize the heart-lung machine.


At times, a specialist can perform heart bypass surgery without opening the chest.


Risk and complications vary for every individual. A specialist can help choose which treatment is the best choice for every individual.


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What to do before the surgery?


Before heart bypass surgery, people should:


  • Avoid consuming any medications containing headache medicine for 3 days before the medical procedure.
  • Ask someone to remain with the patient after coming back to home.
  • Abstain from eating or drinking prior to the surgery.
  • Follow other instructions given by the specialist.
  • A few people should give their own blood in advance for use during the surgery
  • Numerous individuals may take tests before the surgery including an electrocardiogram (EKG), chest X-beam, and blood tests.
  • Prior to the surgery, medical attendants embed a needle (IV) into the individual’s arm. The IV will enable liquids and drugs to enter the body varying.
  • An individual from the medicinal services group may likewise shave the regions where a specialist will make their entry points.
  • Preceding the medical procedure, the specialists give a drug that causes a profound rest until after the activity.
  • Usually, heart bypass surgery lasts between 3 and 6 hours, but it may vary in different cases.




Here, we have discussed the bypass surgery and why it is required. As we all know heart problems are one of the leading health issues in India. So, don’t ignore any symptoms related to the heart problem and consult the specialist for better diagnosis and treatment. For the treatment of the related condition, you can call us or can connect us on WhatsApp at +91 9654030724


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