Know About the Symptoms and Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest


India is home to a large number of patients who suffer from chronic heart diseases. The statistics show that in the past 20 years, the cases of heart problems in India increased by 50%. At this alarming rate, national health becomes a major concern. A lot many times we hear of people dying due to sudden cardiac arrest. This might not be well assumed as the symptoms are hardly detected. The causes vary from normal heart issues to chronic diseases as well. So let us see what are the symptoms and prevention which can be avoided for the condition.


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What are the Common Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest?


It is just hard to lose someone with a sudden and untimely death. Here you can see what can be the symptoms to avoid such a mishap.



Chest Discomfort:


You might feel a little pain around the chest that increases and becomes intolerable after a certain period of time.



Shortness of Breath:


Just before the attack, you might feel short breathiness. You suffer from the unease of breathing and you can also feel suffocated.



Weakness and Palpitations:


A feeling of weakness and the extreme difficulty of breathing can be categorized as the symptom of sudden cardiac arrest.



Causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest:


There is more than one reason that can be for sudden cardiac arrest. Here are some of the major ones that you can see.



  • Heart attack


  • Enlarged heart (cardiomyopathy)


  • Valvular heart disease



  • Electrical problems in the heart


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Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest:


While immediate prevention is to make sure you go for regular checkups with your doctor and also make sure some changes in your lifestyle. However, here are some tips to keep yourself in good health and your heart stronger.



Keep Exercising :


Our exercising helps the heart to keep itself in good care. the cholesterol that is burned helps to improve the capacity of the heart to a larger extent.



Stay Happy:


A positive mind and a healthy heart are correlated. You cannot have a negative mindset and stay fit. So as much you can, be happy and stay positive.



No Junk Food:


Bad food habits are a way to an unhealthy lifestyle. It is like opening the doors for all chronic heart diseases. Add on good food items in your diet and make sure that you stay away from the junk.



No Stress, No Mess!


Depression and stress take a huge toll on the body and it is no secret. A healthy heart requires you to take enough rest. Only when you are at peace at you mentally fit.



It is necessary that preventions are taken beforehand. Avoiding substance abuse like alcohol is a must to avoid sudden cardiac arrest. A healthy diet and eating habits that keep cholesterol and blood pressure in control would reduce the risk of acquiring the condition. A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and rest is advised to keep yourself healthy.

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