8 Tips for a Better Lifestyle with Diabetes

Vaibhav Saxena

, Health A2Z

Diabetes is a prolong disease that can be controlled but can’t be eroded away from its roots. Leading a better life with diabetes is a hassled task which requires constant monitoring and care. Whereas, managing health at the office, house, vacation places or just outdoors is another challenge for a diabetic person.


Diabetes is definitely a deadly disease which occurs due to the inability of a hormone called insulin to break down glucose into energy in the body, this hormone is produced by the pancreas. There are two major categories of this ailment that are Type 1 and Type 2. In order, to limit the risks of this disease, learn the underlying tips for a better lifestyle with diabetes.


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8 Tips for a Better Lifestyle with Diabetes


1. Managing Diabetes with Exercise

As we discussed earlier, the insulin fails to break down the glucose present in the body which simultaneously increases blood sugar levels. These increased glucose levels are fatal, so stabilizing blood sugar levels is essential. Exercises help in reducing weight and enhance blood circulation which are two main components to improve blood sugar levels and manage diabetes.



2. Consume a Balanced Diet

Eating fruits and vegetables, lean protein and good sources of fat is a great option for maintaining a balanced diet. As fruits and vegetables are full of complexed carbohydrates which are a great source of fibers so they take a little longer to get digested and provides a sustainable source of energy. Foods like trans fats, processed foods and alcohol must be avoided immediately.



3. Stay Hydrated

Consume a plenty amount of water everyday as high blood sugar levels cause dehydration and urination so water keeps you hydrated. Also, water is a great calorie-free drink, so it is another benefit of water as calories are like poison for a person with diabetes.



4. Go Nuts!

Another major one out of the tips for a better lifestyle with diabetes is consuming a lot of nuts. Nuts like almonds, cashews, chestnuts, walnuts, and pistachios are a rich source of protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals which helps massively in reducing cholesterol levels.



5. Stress Management

Stress is not likely to help manage diabetes. In fact, stress is prone if you are encountering high blood sugar levels as it is a reason for elevating it. It is better to practice stress management activities like yoga, sports or other entertaining and calming activities.



6. Benefits of Barley, Cinnamon, and Ginger

All three of these edibles are king of health benefits in their own way. In order to manage diabetes in the most effective way, you need to stabilize your blood sugar levels in which barley, cinnamon, and ginger are extremely helpful. So, it is great to include these three in your diet every day. Also, consume heavy breakfast which is great for perceiving energy for the whole day.



7. Take an Adequate Sleep

Just releasing all stress and tensions from your mind, and relieving your muscles and organs for a while is the greatest solution for many ailments. Taking a good organic sleep helps in improving the metabolic system and stabilizing blood sugar levels as well.



8. Sip some Green Tea

If you are facing high blood sugar levels often so this tip for a better lifestyle with diabetes is surely going to help you a lot. Green tea has zero sugar or harmful calories along disease fighting element called polyphenols. So, it a better to enjoy your leisure time with some green tea once in a while.


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Follow up these essential top 8 tips for a better lifestyle with diabetes to lead a robust tension free life. Also, avoid comparing your diabetes with other diabetic people and write down your sugar levels regularly to manage better every day. Fighting against diabetes is a long journey full of bumps so keep patience and stay strong.

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