What are the Causes of Frequent Urination at Night?

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Do you feel that you go to washroom very often to pee? And do you frequently visit the loo in the night? Well, it is time that you take this frequency really seriously as this might be a problem. There are many causes of frequent urination in at night, yet we might consider it a normal day to day activity. There are many causes that might raise the concern of the individual. If you are waking up at night with frequent urination, you are experiencing something called “nocturia.” This symptom has many potential causes, which might make you run to the washroom unexpectedly. Other then this, there might be some issue in your kidneys which is making you pee frequently. To treat this, you should meet the kidney transplant doctor near me, he is highly experienced and professional in his field of medicine.


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Causes of Frequent Urination at Night



Lifestyle Causes:


It is true that our lifestyle can affect the way our body works. One of the major reasons for you running to the washroom can be your beverage intake. It is said that the main cause of frequent urination at night can be your addiction to caffeine or drinking alcohol towards the sleeping time. This might increase the water intake and hence can make you run to the washroom.



Urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder infection:


Due to the inflammation of the lining of the urethra and this leads to the Urinary tract infection. Due to the byproducts of infection, the irritation of the bladder wall causes the urge to empty the bladder frequently. The amount is though smaller than the usual amount.


Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus:


It is observed that one of the symptoms of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be frequent urination, as the body tries to rid itself of unused glucose through urination. Diabetes causes nerve damage and hence leads to your bladder asking for a regular visit to the washroom.


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Diuretic Use:


High blood pressure medicines can lead to fluid backwash which leads to much fluid in your body in the kidney, causing frequent urination.


Prostate Problems:


An enlarged prostate can press against the urethra and block the flow of urine, causing the bladder wall to become irritated. The bladder contracts even when it contains small amounts of urine, causing more frequent urination.




During this period the body of a woman is under too many hormonal changes puts pressure on the bladder causing frequent urination.


Stress Incontinence:


When some times there is the involuntary release of urine during physical activity, such as running, known as stress incontinence.


Stroke or Other Neurological Diseases:


Any kind of damage that the nerves go through can result in the bladder problem, and this can because of frequent urinating at night.


Bladder Cancer:


Tumors taking up space or causing bleeding in the bladder may lead to more frequent urination.


The above causes of frequent urination at night is the most common as per observations. It is not only these causes that should give you a reason to visit your doctor but also the regularity of your urination. While most of them are treatable, an early diagnosis can prevent most of the terminal ones. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Hence you should understand the causes and act upon it. We have great help on our website where you can clear all your doubts.


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