The Changing Face of Technology for Pharmacies

Prakhar Tyagi

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Advances in technology have revolutionized the world of business to the extent that everything is tech controlled. Our lives are highly dependent on technology. Every sector including, communication, automotive, household appliances, entertainment, medicine, education is ruled over by technology. The only thing that is constant is the change but who is driving this change? Well, customers and sellers, both are the drivers of this change.  Customers are definitely demanding better products and services at a cheaper rate and companies are equally facing an increase in competition and pressure to innovate. People Also Like: How Technology Enables Users of E-Pharmacies

The Medical stream has relied on technology for a very long time. The area of medicine is extremely crucial and the introduction of e-health and e-pharmacies has proved to be extremely beneficial for the world. E-pharmacy is coming with an online marketplace will help pharmacists expand their business, maintain records and reach out to a larger set of buyers.


Reaching Out To More Customers

When a pharmacist owns a store in a local neighborhood, his reach is only to the people surrounding him. The targeted customer base is limited.

Solution: However, when a pharmacist decides to shift his business on E-pharmacy, his reach to potential customers increases exponentially. The target market reach hits nationwide, or even globally. This helps him in generating far more revenue than a local pharmacy store.

Record Keeping

A very common problem faced by pharmacists was keeping a record of all their patients along with all their prescriptions. Everything had to be done manually. A lot of patients’ records used to get misplaced. It was very difficult to keep track of all the prescriptions they gave out.

Solution: With everyday advancement in this field, the technocrats were able to counter this problem. Now almost all pharmacists use pharmacy management systems for the purposes of medication records, dispensing, labeling, ordering, and stock control.With online record keeping, everything becomes under control and any old records can be extracted just by one click.

Marketing Efforts

In case of individual retail stores, the pharmacies need to make a lot of marketing efforts and spend a major part of their budget on advertising for their store as the best pharmacy in the area. Even gaining the trust of customers is too challenging and establishes only with time. People Also Read: Antibiotics Need to be Manufactured, Marketed Responsibly: Expert Opinion


Not any pharmacy is allowed to sell online. Pharmacies are properly evaluated for the authenticity of their medicines and are then allowed to sell online. Thus, they already have a trust of the prospective customers. Even all their marketing efforts are being carried out by the platform they sell through. So, the pharmacists can save the budget on their advertising and instead use it for more productive business purposes.

Drug Abuse

It is nearly impossible to track whether the patient is fulfilling the prescription or not. Once prescribed, the physician or the pharmacists might not be aware if a patient starts consuming high doses of the prescribed drugs. It is important for the prescriber to know that their drug isn’t causing any health issues to their patient.

Solution: A physician can now stay up-to-date about whether their patients are cooperating or not. Even a potential drug abuse case can be prevented now. E-prescribing allows the prescribers to keep a track of their patients’ health progress and report if their patient starts taking the prescribed drugs abnormally.

Drug Analysis for Studies

It is important to know how a certain drug is affecting the people. A pharmaceutical company must keep a record of how a drug they manufactured is benefiting the medical sector. Data has to be collected over a large scale from different parts of the world about it, which would have been nearly impossible without technology.

Solution: Now pharmacists all over the world use databases to keep a record of their patients and also keep a track of how the prescribed drug is treating their patients. All this information is there on the systems which helps the researchers carry out their studies easily.

Every day there is an innovation or advancement being introduced in the pharmaceutical sector. Not only are the patients getting easy medical services but even the doctors, physicians, and researchers are benefiting from these technologies. We hope to see a completely modernized world in the coming few years. [People Also LikeDrug Allergies: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment – Can Medications Cause Allergies?]

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