How Technology Enables Users of E-Pharmacies

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We are in an era where everything is tech controlled. Our lives are highly dependent on technology. All the sectors such as communication, automotive, household appliances, entertainment, medicine, education are ruled over by technology. It has helped in the development of everything that exists today. Almost everything now is being modernized. Technology has made lives easier than ever.

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Technology and Medicine:

Technology and medicine have a very old relationship. The area of medicine is extremely crucial and the introduction of e-health and e-pharmacies has proved to be extremely beneficial for the world. E-pharmacy is coming with an online marketplace that is helpful to both buyers and pharmacists.


The Problem of Authentic Medicine:

In the field of medicines, there is a huge supply of unauthentic and false medicines. Customers cannot always be sure of the medicines they are buying.  Every now and then, they keep on searching for trusted stores and pharmacies around them that provide genuine medicines.


E-pharmacy provides a trusted and guaranteed place to customers wherein they can buy medicines without any fear of being fooled with the fake medicines. Every seller on E-pharmacy has to ensure that their products are highly reliable and authentic before selling it. Only after a proper authenticity check, these pharmacies are allowed to sell the medicines online.

History Of Purchased Medicine:

Customers often tend to forget whether they have had the same medicine ever before in their life. Sometimes, purchase history of the same medicine helps them have the confidence that the medicine suited them earlier. This way they can be pretty sure of the outcome of the medicines, like no allergic reactions, etc.


E-pharmacy lets customers keep a check on the record of their medical history and past prescriptions. This helps them in understanding the graph of their medical history as well as, what have they spent on.

Driving All The Way To A Pharmacy:

Imagine if you are severely sick and your body doesn’t want you to move even inside the premises of your house, having your family close to you is no less than a fortune. But not everyone is that lucky enough! Sometimes people live far away from their families or the family members are not around due to some of the other reason. If, in such cases, they fall sick, would they like to drive all the way to a pharmacy with severe aches, just to get a painkiller? People Also Read: Why A Good Pharmacy is Key to Good Health?


E-pharmacy brings you the comfort of having the medicines delivered to your doorstep. Now your medication is just a few clicks away from you instead of miles. All you need to do is pick up your phone or laptop and browse for the medicines prescribed to you and your medicines will be delivered!

No More Prescription Drug Errors:

Hand-written prescriptions are very common. Whenever we visit a pharmacist, most of the times we are handed over hand-written prescriptions. What makes this method unauthentic is the high risk of human errors. Humans can make mistakes. Even a bad hand-writing can cause a loss of life. As hand-written prescriptions are difficult to read, there is a possibility that the chemists might hand over a wrong drug which can be really disastrous.


There is a solution for this too. Obviously, a tech-related solution. The answer to this query is e-prescription. It is a very rapidly growing piece of technology. This technology framework is helping the world get rid of hand-written prescriptions. It allows a pharmacist and other medical practitioners to write prescriptions and forward to a pharmacy electronically. This is a very reliable substitute for handwritten or called in prescriptions.

Unavailability Of Prescribed Drugs:

A very common problem faced by the people is the unavailability of the drugs prescribed. Often the pharmacies do not have a drug that was prescribed. It puts a person in worry because treatment is important and not finding the solution to their illness makes them all the more panic. In such cases, a person has to visit many pharmacies until he/she finds the prescribed drug. This can be really annoying. As a result, a person might become reluctant to go to a pharmacist when ill and adopt self-medication which is the most dangerous thing to do.

Uncomfortable To Discuss Their Disease:

There are some people who are not very open about their condition. They do not feel very comfortable discussing their symptoms with the doctor sitting right in front of them. Such people can very comfortable to discuss their condition over the phone or an email. Any method that does not include direct interaction with the doctor will put them at ease.

Solution: The solution to both these problems is an e-pharmacy or online pharmacy. This is a platform where a patient can consult a doctor or a pharmacist online. For a prescription, the patient does not have to ever meet the pharmacist/physician in person. The physician can ask for all the details required for diagnosis from the patient online, this way a patient can very openly share his/her condition. The physician can prescribe the drugs online. The pharmacist can deliver these drugs directly to the doorstep of the patient, eliminating the tiring process of finding the prescribed drug.

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